Chance from one of survival to one Million: How early Chen George five Times the death defeated

Over 20 blood transfusions, blood poisoning, and three different hospitals and six operations. The list of treatments of George Bownes of the United Kingdom is a long one. The little Boy was born in July of last year. Three months early.

When George was born, he weighed less than 700 grams and was as big as a syringe. “The Doctors told us he had a survival chance of one in a Million,” said the mother of the Small, Hanna Rose, the tabloid “Daily Star Sudnay”.

Numerous Treatments

Only six minutes after his birth, the little Boy had to be already connected to life devices received and emergency surgery. Because he was so under-developed, he suffered blood poisoning and meningitis.

Hanna and her friend Daniel was told that the Doctors could do nothing more for George. A chaplain was called in, pronounced the infant the last blessing. But George had no thought of giving up. He fought. With Success.

Condition improved

“The doctor said we only had a couple of hours,” says Hanna Rose. You and your friend should not depart from George’s side and read to him, as his condition improved suddenly. The hospital staff said that they had never experienced a similar case.


“Small Wonders”

“Our little miracle was four weeks old when we were able to take him for the first Time in the Arm,” wrote Hanna on Facebook. When George was ten weeks old, he was already treated because of Sepsis and bleeding in the brain and has already had three surgeries.

George weighs nearly three kilograms, and was able to leave the hospital in the meantime. However, in February he had to return again. “He doesn’t deserve all of this and it breaks my heart to know that I can take nothing,” writes his mother on Facebook.


“After the Doctors have already said five Times that he would not make it, every day. We believe that he will continue to fight and with the right help, he will flourish,” said Hanna Rose, the “Daily Star Sunday”.

Damage to the brain

On the Website “gofundme” has launched the small family is now a call for donations in order to Fund the necessary therapy for little George. His mother writes that the numerous operations a part of the brain was damaged. Facebook/georgesjourneyy little George was three months too early.

With a transplant of brain cells, the parents believe that could improve his condition. Also for the “intensive physiotherapy” to collect the parents money. “George has been the opposite and I think that will continue to do,” writes Hanna on the donations page.