Chrissy Teigen Is Not Here For Your Fancy School Lunches

Alt Title: Chrissy Teigen’s School Lunch Ideas Are Simple Because “Pizza Cat Faces Can Suck It”

As per usual, Chrissy Teigen has flooded our Twitter feeds with #MomStruggles that should basically be a schoolwide email to all parents who pack school lunches. The subject line? “School Lunches Don’t Have to Look Cute!” Teigen, the ever so transparent mom to Luna and Miles, took to Twitter to remind people that stars are just like us. She, too, has trouble thinking of unique day-to-day school lunch ideas. But, no matter how serious mothers are about their kid’s school lunches or how cute they look (um, have you seen Jenny Mollen’s Dictator Lunches Instagram account with close to 100k followers?), she’s sticking with OG meals that have stood the test of time. 

“I’ve been looking up good lunches to put in my kid’s bento lunch box and while everyone’s lunches look cute, my kid will never eat this shit without me bribing, in person. everyone’s stuffed olive tapenade pita cat faces can suck it say hello to pizza bagel,” she tweeted last night. 

While cat face pitas may look adorable (see here for reference) and tempting to recreate—because who doesn’t want to be the cool mom?—ketchup packets are all Luna really needs in her life. “I had to buy a bulk box of ketchup packets on amazon for her to dip her cucumbers in. 2000.” Luna clearly runs a tight ship. This week, she sassily (and adorably) asked her mom why she was late picking her up from school. “I was *1* minute late picking luna up from school,” Teigen tweeted. “She was all sweet in her classroom then as soon as we were alone, I buckled her in she said ‘so why? why were you late?’” 

And don’t get the 33-year-old Cravings author started on fruit-filled dishes. “blueberry pasta salad? I’m scared for her teachers if she opens that. if your kid eats this stuff THAT IS AWESOME stay blessed,” she added for good measure. Other parents came to her defense, cheering her on with lunch horror stories of their own. “Girl, same. My kid hates chicken…unless its in nugget form,” a follower responded. “My school lunches were a sandwich and a juice box. When I got older it became three sandwiches and a juice box,” another follower commented. Previous generations, clearly, wouldn’t know a flower-shaped cucumber if it hit them in the face.


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