Christina Perri's Pregnancy Loss Might Have Been Preventable & She's On a Mission to Bring Awareness to Moms Everywhere

In November 2020, Christina Perri lost her daughter Rosie in utero. Ten months earlier, she miscarried after eleven weeks. It wasn’t until after going through this trauma, that she discovered she has a treatable blood-clotting disorder that might have been the reason behind her two pregnancy losses. Now, the singer is on a mission to advocate for a blood test that detects for this disorder.

Perri and her OBGYN Dr. Mary Kerr sat down with PEOPLE Magazine to discuss Perri’s journey and her fierce fight to help other moms. “Once I processed what [Kerr] had told me, I was sick to my stomach for weeks.” the singer told the outlet. Kerr added: “Ninety percent of miscarriages are due to a spontaneous genetic error. That leaves 10 percent caused by something like a blood disorder that could be prevented with something as simple as a blood thinner.”

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The test for the blood-clotting disorder is only recommended after two back-to-back pregnancy losses. Perri is advocating that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists offer the test to every woman during her prenatal screening in her first trimester.

Nearly two years ago, the Jar of Hearts singer shared the heartbreaking news about Rosie in a tweet, which showed an image of her holding onto the little one’s hand. “Last night we lost our baby girl,” she tweeted. “She was born silent after fighting so hard to make it to our world. She is at peace now & will live forever in our hearts.”

Last April, Perri took to Instagram for Mother’s Day to share a post about grief, while sending a lot of love to her 4-year-old daughter Carmella.

“This year has been extra hard — motherhood has carried me through it. it’s the greatest gift i’ve ever received. three times,” she wrote.  “I’m so grateful for my darling daughter, carmella, who is here earth side with us and lights up our lives every single moment and i’m so grateful for my two babies that live forever in my heart. I carry them with me in every breath I take. We are ok, we find joy, we keep healing, our hearts are full. Today and every day I’m sending love to all of you.”

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