Germany’s longest Baby? Vincent is 65 inch tall

65 inches tall and 4720 grams – is Vincent the longest Baby in Germany? The small, Big is born on Wednesday in Mönchengladbach, and already, some, Germany could break the record.

Newborns are, on average, between 50 and 53 inches tall and weigh about 3300 grams. Vincent’s dimensions shoot far beyond the standards. "I believe we have the largest Baby in Germany bekommen", the father of the newborn, René Mathieu to &quot says;Rhine Post" (RP).

Vincent came on Wednesday to 12.26 in the Elisabeth-Krankenhaus in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt and to the world in a natural way. His mother is well. “The birth was even easier than our first son,” says René Mathieu. “Vincent is long, but not thick.”

Even the midwife was amazed when she saw the XXL Baby and the mother with the words "Here you Schulkind&quot comes; presented. When you measure you have checked out is equal to three times subsequently, whether the number of voters, the 36-year-old father to "RP". To marvel at the giant baby, were also ladies of the midwife to come.

Three inches taller than the previous record holder

The birth date is supposed to be until Friday, but the Doctors had Worried that Vincent will be even bigger – so you started the birth. After 17 hours, the newborn was there. The size is no accident. René Mathieu is two meters tall, and his first son, Lennart is a one and a half years, is already significantly larger than most of your peers.

In 2016, a 62 cm large Baby by caesarean came in Darmstadt, Germany cut to the world.

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