Great alarm because of the oak processionary moth – nine injured children

Nine school children have to get at a sports festival in Mülheim (NRW), the health problems that were probably caused by the oak processionary moth. On Tuesday a child circulatory problems had first, and then several students about the shortness of breath and skin irritation complained of, such as the fire and rescue services. A large contingent of forces was moved to the sports complex.

The paramedics sent three children to the hospital, six were handed over to their parents with instructions to go to the doctor. The sports complex was blocked and the sports festival canceled. In the vicinity of the sports field, the firefighters found one of the oak procession spinners infested oak. Probably the Wind had blown away the stinging hairs of the caterpillars on the sports field.

Oak processionary moth spreading for years, in the whole of Germany and can be used for tree and man is dangerous. The caterpillars not only eat all the trees bare, their tiny hairs contain Thaumetopoein – a persistent toxin, which is based on protein. Similar to nettles people react to the hairs of the toxic, the poison of the caterpillars, however, acts much stronger. Victims suffer mostly under a itchy, burning rash, or painful cough if you inhale the burning hair.

In the extreme case, a contact can trigger an allergic shock. So a violent reaction is, however, very rare. Each caterpillar has hundreds of burning hair, they break easily, and can spread up to several Hundred meters through the air. In addition, the toxin persists for years. The oak processionary moth to be fought, therefore, nationwide. In Baden-Württemberg at the end of may schools are due to the oak processionary moth cleared. In Dortmund there are several Parks because of the caterpillars since the 7. June locked.