'Hygge' Life is the Best (& Laziest) Way to Parent Indoors Right Now

  • God nat brinner: the hyggeligt practice of opting for breakfast for dinner instead of cooking a “real meal”

  • Gå væk: the tradition of spending absurd amounts of time alone basking in your introversion and saying no to any obligation that seems annoying or uncomfortable

  • Jeg elsker dig television: the love of TV, or piling your kids on the couch with a mound of blankets and calling it “cozy television”

  • Jeg er allergisk over for udendørs: a winter-long hiatus from outdoor activities, observed primarily by Midwest families who dislike the cold

  • Alle dag pyjamas: leaving your kids in their pajamas all day long
  • Brød brød brød: That warm feeling you get when you eat mostly bread during the cold winter months; see also: carb loading

So Denmark, darling, I suppose I have you to thank for my new lease on life. This spring, thanks to you, I’m embracing all the hygge my heart desires in the form of a lot of reading on the couch and long naps in the afternoon. You may call it laziness and social isolation, but I’m calling it my season of living Danishly.

A version of this story was originally published in January 2017.


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