Jeannie Mai Jenkins Shares Emotional Post About Motherhood: 'Nobody Told Me It Was Going to Be Like THIS'

No matter how many parenting books you read, accounts you follow on social media, or conversations you have with mom friends, nothing truly prepares you for motherhood. Jeannie Mai Jenkins is learning that firsthand, and isn’t afraid to share how completely unaware she was.

“Nobody told me it was going to be like THIS,” she said in an emotional Instagram post on Sunday.

The post featured a carousel of pictures with her 1-year-old Monaco, who Jenkins shares with husband Jeezy. The mother-daughter duo seem to be baking, since Monaco is absolutely covered in flour. And we have to say, the look is definitely sweeter than any treat they could possibly make.

In the photos, Jenkins and Monaco are seen lovingly sticking their tongues out at each other and showing off matching ear-to-ear grins. Jenkins also draws a heart for her daughter on a see-through board and writes the nickname “CoCo” in the center.

“This one little person could rewind time, reboot all my emotions, and help me learn what I need to unlearn??” the television host wrote. “Are kids chances to heal from our own childhood? feels like olddd deep wounds finally getting treated. God im always crying i can’t take it I needed u @monacomaijenkins.”

Commenters couldn’t help but relate to this sentiment that was “sooooo well said.”

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“The healing of the parent is the healing of the child! The best thing we can do as parents is let them show us what we need to heal, and then get busy doing that good work. It is such a gift!!! So proud of you!” said singer-songwriter Jewel.

“I’m crying!” musician Alissa Moreno wrote. “Healing in all space and all time.”

Fans were also lucky enough to see adorable footage of Jenkins and CoCo at a singalong where Jenkins sweetly sings “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to her daughter. The two each where matching sets. Monaco is dressed in a subtle light pink tie dye with purple pom poms in her hair, and Jenkins wears a red sweatshirt and a Chicago Bulls hat.

In this post, it is clear to see that Jenkins is following through on her commitment to spoiling her duaghter with love.

“Monaco is next-level loved,” she said in an interview with E News. “I used to say that I don’t want her to get over-spoiled, but I don’t think it’s such a thing to be spoiled with love. I don’t want her to be over-spoiled with material things, but love? Pour it all on.”

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