Jennifer Garner Pokes Fun at the Life of a Working Mom With This Viral Halloween Meme

Jennifer Garner is not only the biggest Halloween fan, but she never misses a chance to poke fun at her hectic life as a working mom.

On Oct 29, Garner uploaded new photos to her Instagram that poke fun at the newest Spirit Halloween meme, with the caption, “If you’re looking for a last-minute costume idea, I got you covered. #HappyHalloween.”

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In the first photo, we see Garner taking part in the viral Spirit Halloween meme. In case you don’t know, many people are photoshopping people and cartoons into a Spirit Halloween costume description that comes with every costume. Instead of one you can buy, people create their own, and Garner hopped on this trend immediately. For hers, she has a photo of herself with the caption, “Late for the Bus Mom. Includes Wet hair wig, lukewarm coffee, cellphone mid-podcast, will, and determination.” It also says: “Not included: Child already waiting in the car, lunchbox forgotten on the kitchen counter. Undergarments optional.”

This is way too relatable, and we love that Garner put a mommy spin on this hilarious internet trend. Now in the second photo, we get the IRL photo from the photoshopped costume meme. As described, Garner has wet hair, coffee, her phone, rocking a monogrammed navy blue robe and slippers. She has wet hair, no makeup, and a huge smile: even in the craziness of early mornings with kids, he looks radiant.

We’ve been loving this internet meme, and we hope to see more A-listers hopping on this trend!

It’s no secret that Garner and her family have been getting into the Halloween spirit this year: including dressing up their dogs in Halloween costumes! Halloween is only two days away, and we’re patiently awaiting what else Garner has in store for the spooky weekend.

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