Pregnancy out of the freezer

The right Partner, the right Job, the right time: If the child is to come, everything must fit. This is for many women, a challenge. That’s why some choose to do this, ova freezing-to-let them then thaw them out when the time is right seems.

In Germany, relatively few women use so far, the possibility of Social Freezings, also because it is associated with considerable costs. Some Physicians use, however, that in the future, the insurance company paid for the removal and Freezing of the cells. Other speak clearly against it.

When Social Freezing, call a physician as cryopreservation, can be women of childbearing age ova during a light anesthesia to remove. These are extremely frozen quickly in shock. This prevents ice Crystals from forming, which could hurt the egg. According to estimates, about one-tenth of the eggs are lost during Freezing. The rest are preserved at temperatures of around minus 200 degrees centigrade for an indefinite period of time.

So far, German women rarely use Social Freezing

A woman wants to be pregnant and not working, it the natural way, thaw the cells, artificially fertilized and into the uterus. The chances of getting pregnant, according to the Munich-based specialist in Reproductive medicine, Jörg Puchta similar to that of a normal artificial fertilization. However, this was also the age of the eggs, the fertility of the partner and the quality of treatment.

“In the case of a 30-year-old woman, I would expect a pregnancy rate of 50 percent per attempt. If the eggs are older, will be reduced accordingly,” says the physician.

While the method in the USA is already quite common, are the people in Germany are more reserved. So far, there are no comprehensive statistics. Puchta, however, estimates that the number of women that egg freezing is nationwide under 10,000 per year. The physician observed, however, a rising trend. Be the centre of Munich is currently conducting about 500 withdrawals per year – in 2007 it was started with around 20 in the year, according to Puchta.

Opinions on Social Freezing: “What do my employers my ova?”

High Cost

Alone for the pretreatment, sampling and storage Vera Doctors hit cost of 3000 to 4000 Euro. Many medical doctors work together with specialized institutions, the so-called Cryobanks, the storage of the frozen eggs.

Some physicians, including Puchta, ensure that health insurance funds accept, in the future, the performance. In the US, companies like Apple and Facebook pay big for the treatment. This solution Puchta looks, but critical. “That the company pay for it, is not the optimal variant. This has a connotation of interference or expectation,” he says.

Medical ethicists Maximilian Schochow of the University of Ulm is not to be frozen as Fund performance: Together with Co-authors from the University of Halle, he writes in the journal “Science and Engineering Ethics”, Social Freezing is not a medical necessity, but will serve the fulfilment of an individual desire. Therefore, everyone should have the costs of this themselves.

Possible risks and complications

In addition, the method is associated with risks. Before surgery, hormone therapy ensures that many oocytes Mature. One of the possible side-effect, a so-called Überstimulationssydnrom – as a result of the increase sticks, the eggs and fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity. Victims suffer from pain, Nausea and shortness of breath. In rare cases, it can also lead to a life-threatening Vascular occlusion.

The egg retrieval carries the risk for complications. The procedure is performed through the Vagina and the surrounding tissue may be injured and bleeding can occur.

The least frozen eggs are used

Whether costs, risks, and costs, in the end, worth is difficult to estimate. The method is still too young to draw a meaningful conclusion. It is however, The least frozen eggs are currently used.

An analysis of data from the center for reproductive medicine in Brussels, which was presented last year at a conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, shows that Just eight per cent of customers wanted, ultimately thawing the eggs, and a pregnancy can be used.

“It’s not mainly the career ristinnen to come. Most of them have a Problem in order to find the right Partner,” says the Hamburg-based gynaecologist Frank Nawroth about his patients. Many learn after the Freezing of your eggs, however, probably still the “Right” to know and to be pregnant in a natural way.

The future of the kinderki gene?

Most of the women are doctors, according to the mid-to-late 30’s, if you will, for the first Time to advise. Schochow and his colleagues warn that to understand Social Freezing as “fertility insurance”. Because: the older the woman is at the time of withdrawal, the worse the quality of the eggs is and the lower the chances of pregnancy are.

Puchta looks at the treatment a Chance and a risk at the same time: “It brings more freedom, more independence, but at the end of more load. It means Moving from something that we should make of our biology actually at a young age.”

Generally speaking, the opinion of the German gynecologist, the treatment is restrained. A survey of medical ethicists Schochow and his colleagues shows that The majority of respondents German gynecologist Social Freezing sees as the future of fertility, but recommends clear natural reproduction.