Stars Who Swear by Meditation

Breathe in, breath out, say om — get zen! Hollywood stars often lead the charge on wellness trends Opens a New Window. , and the practice of meditation is no different.

Celebrities from Connie Britton Opens a New Window. to Megan Fox Opens a New Window. to Paul McCartney Opens a New Window. are known to stay centered by taking anywhere from three to 10 minutes or more a day to meditate. Other stars and business people rave about the benefits of meditating daily — which can include everything from lowering anxiety to stopping wrinkles and getting glowing skin to reducing stress and inflammation to improving sleep to gaining energy and combatting fatigue.

Whether you’re thinking of practicing Transcendental Meditation (known as TM), Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, a Moving Meditation such as yoga or simply adopting a mantra and focused breathing, there’s a technique out there for you!

Scroll through to find out what famous actors, singers, TV hosts and other meditators have revealed about the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of keeping a meditation practice.

Malin Akerman

The Billions actress had heard millions of reasons to meditate — and has finally gotten on board. “I do try!” she told Us in March 2019 of meditation. “It’s one that I aspire to do more often and it ends up happening a couple times a week. I do love it, I think it’s a wonderful way to kind of regain some energy.” The longtime supporter of the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Opens a New Window. ‘ Make March Matter Campaign is realistic about the form her sessions take. “But really, when you don’t have the time, it’s so helpful [to deep breathe],” she explained. “I’ve talked to so many people lately just about breathing and breath work and just doing a three-minute breath [exercise] when you feel overwhelmed or stressed… and getting present in the moment.” Her other mindfulness trick? “I think it’s also about putting your phone down as much as possible because it’ll take you out of the moment so often.”

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Beverley Mitchell

“My main focus is just about being kind to myself and doing what’s right for my heart and my head, because if I can take care of my heart and my head, then I can take care of everyone else around me,” the Seventh Heaven alum told Us in January 2019 of keeping daily life in perspective. That adds up to meditating — even though Mitchell says she doesn’t like it! “A good friend of mine gave me a really great meditation book that I’ve been reading every day, which is weird because I hate meditation,” she explained. “But I’ve been working on it.”

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Connie Britton

The Dirty John actress believes her practice has helped reduce wrinkles. “Meditation has been a big part of my adult life — meditation, breathing, and connecting to whatever is my own version of my center. It can be 10 minutes; it can be in the car while I’m driving or just taking a deep breath before I’m about to shoot a scene,” she told Health Opens a New Window. magazine in December 2018 at age 51. “It’s about going deeper than the external noise. To me, that’s a really important tool. And I really believe it helps with wrinkles. We can change our body chemistry through meditation.”

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Jenna Dewan

The actress and dancer has frequently talked about her wellness journey. As Dewan, who has talked about practicing Ziva Meditation, told Us in May 2018, “I have learned the hard way about burning the candle at both ends.” Now, before she gets that feeling, she added, “I try and… go and have a spa day or even a hike with friends. Or meditate, I know that sounds so boring, but that’s literally what I do.”

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Megan Fox

While filming her Travel Channel series, Legends of the Lost With Megan Fox, the star was able to put her mental health practice to good use. “During the first episode, I did basically a vision quest is what it’s called, where I sat out in the woods in Norway alone in the dark for a while and had to meditate,” Fox told Us in November 2018. “I had a quest in my mind when I was meditating that I wanted an answer to.” It worked, she added.

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