The Best And Worst Characteristics Of Capricorn

If you were born between December 22 and January 19, congrats you are a Capricorn! According to YourTango, this earth sign is represented by a sea goat or goat and is known for being incredibly grounded. As with all astrological signs, there are both good and bad traits for Capricorn, though, so what are Capricorns really like?

It may not be a surprise that with being grounded, comes a hardworking individual (via YourTango). Capricorns are known for often putting their work above everything else and not being afraid to provide a little elbow grease. They feel their best when they’re being productive, which is motivated by their ambition. Boarding on obsession, a Capricorn will often show others that their determination has no bounds (via Astromix).

According to Astromix, another great trait that Capricorns possess is their loyalty. They are some of the most devoted friends you could ever have and are always willing to help the ones they care about. Their resourcefulness and intelligence helps them tackle any problems thrown their way. They know when to take a situation seriously and are very rational and logical in their thinking.

But don’t think logical means unemotional. One of the best qualities a Capricorn has is their sensitive side. Capricorns are a breed that are really in touch with their emotions (via YourTango). They feel deeply and won’t stand for bullying. They stick up for themselves and the people around them.

Capricorns: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Ironically, one of Capricorn’s best qualities, is also one of their worst. The sensitivity tends to bring out the moodiness in Capricorns. One minute you could be cracking sarcastic jokes with one another, and the next your Cap is taking that comment way too seriously (via Revive Zone).

According to Revive Zone, another bad quality of Capricorns is how demanding they can be. When they ask for something to be done, they mean right now. Don’t procrastinate if you want to stay off of a Capricorn’s bad side!

It can be really difficult for a Capricorn to express their feelings (via Well+Good). Although caring, their walls are often up and it can be difficult to penetrate. While their serious side can help with logical problems, it can also put the breaks on having some fun. Capricorns have a tough time letting go and enjoying life.

And let’s not forget about one of Capricorn’s most notorious bad traits: stubbornness. Their ambition, while good, can often cloud their judgment and give them tunnel vision. This stubbornness can make it almost impossible to change their mind about something (via Astromix). If you get into an argument with a Cap, chances are, they’re not letting up for anything.

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