The Best Baby Formulas You Can Order on Amazon

Whether you’re looking to supplement your breast milk or formula feed entirely, nailing down the right baby formula for your child is essential, though it might take some (agonizing) trial and error. No two babies’ digestive systems are exactly alike after all, and there are so many baby formulas on the market it’s hard to know what will work for your infant. However, there are a few baseline considerations to keep in mind when navigating options: your baby’s age, specific nutritional needs, and any sensitivity issues or allergies. 

Of course, it’s important to speak with your pediatrician to discuss the best choice for your baby, but doing your own research can only further benefit you and your child in the long run. To take out some of the grunt work, we found the best baby formulas for every preference and circumstance that you can order on Amazon. Between organic versions and easily digestible powders to formulas made for supplementation and those modeled closely after a mother’s milk, the right baby formula for your bundle of joy is out there somewhere. 

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1. Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Formula

Earth’s Best’s baby formula comes in a few varieties: organic dairy, organic dairy non-DHA, organic sensitive, a gentle infant formula with iron, and even a plant-based alternative. This specific formula, however, is the closest the brand has gotten to breast milk.

It’s non-GMO, Kosher-friendly, and though it does contain iron, is easily digestible. Featuring essential nutrients such as omega-3 DHA and omega-6 ARA fatty acids to support brain and eye development, lutein (an antioxidant found in leafy green veggies and yellow carrots) for eye health, and prebiotics to strengthen infant immune systems, it’s an excellent feeding option for baby’s first 12 months of development outside the womb. 

2. Pure Bliss by Similac Infant Formula

Looking for a formula that can grow with your baby? Pure Bliss by Similac offers powders for infant and toddler drinks, and each contains only the specific ingredients necessary for each stage of their development. The infant powder formula, specifically, is modeled after breast milk, and because the goal is to deliver a drink as natural as a mother’s milk, it’s free of artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, palm oil, and is non-GMO. By taking palm oil out of the equation, babies are able to digest calcium properly, and with the addition of DHA and ARA, each serving supports your child’s brain and eye development, as well as strengthens their immunity.


3. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula

Some newborns are more sensitive than others, and Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease baby formula was specifically designed to cater to those delicate tummies. The easy-to-digest formula includes omega-3 DHA and Choline for healthy brain development, and baby probiotics to keep digestion regular and immunity strong.

But what sets this baby formula apart is its inclusion of the same kind of Milk Fat Globule Membrane, or MFGM, found in breast milk that is essential for your baby’s cognitive development. What’s more, Gentlease has also been clinically proven to reduce baby gas, fussiness, crying, and colic — within a mere 24 hours.

4. Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Formula

No, your little one doesn’t have to be a toddler before they can drink this formula. Although Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Formula is obviously marketed as a toddler drink, it’s actually an excellent option for babies, as well as little ones who are weaning off breast milk or need supplementation. The formula contains all-organic ingredients such as sunflower and safflower oil, nonfat milk, and vanilla, and also boasts USDA organic-compliant DHA for optimal brain development. It’s also widely considered one of the cleanest options you can buy stateside. 


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