This Sweet Photo of Three Witherspoon Generations — Reese, Ava and Betty — Will Have You Seeing Triple

Three generations of Witherspoons sat down for brunch this weekend and, boy, are those genetics strong! Reese, her mom Betty and her 23-year-old daughter Ava all gathered together and snapped a sweet photo, looking every inch like triplets.

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It’s no secret that Reese and Ava are essentially twins. In an interview with InStyle last year, Gayle King asked the actress how she felt about the fact that fans can’t quite get over the mother-daughter similarities. “People always love watching you and Ava together because, honestly, nobody can deny that she is your daughter,” King said. “Do you enjoy the reactions you get from people when they see you two together on social media?”

“I love being mistaken for her because it makes me feel so young,” Reese responded. “I’m so proud of her. She really rolls with it. I’m sure it’s not easy looking exactly like your mother.” When Ava does get annoyed about all the look-alike mentions, Reese advises her to reach to Zoë Kravitz.

“We talk to Zoë Kravitz a lot,” Reese explained. “Because she and her mother look exactly alike, so whenever Ava is frustrated, I go, ‘Call Zoë. Text Zoë. She knows what to talk about.’ I mean, that’s another mother-daughter combo that’s like identical twins.”

It’s not just looks that the two share. There are also key qualities that Ava inherited from her mama. In a 2018 post for Reese’s blog Love, Reese, she opened up about where the two converge and the ways that they’re still learning from each other. “I think the way Ava and I are most alike is our strong opinions and our empathy. From the time that she could speak, Ava has always had her own ideas, and I love to watch her express herself,” Reese shared. “She also cares deeply about her family and the world around her. She frequently educates me on news stories and issues young women are facing.”

She added that the two have a loving, tight-knit relationship. “There is nothing like the love I have for my daughter. We share every emotion with each other, our hopes, and dreams…We can talk for hours!!”

We are so behind the whole Witherspoon clan and will never tire of seeing double or triple when it comes to this family!

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