27 bad news for all who drink too much – and a good

Who regularly drink too much alcohol, damaging his liver. This is well known. A study proves that alcohol abuse is attracting many more diseases that act in combination can prove fatal, and the life of almost eight years shorten. Small quantities have, however, also a positive aspect.

  • Alcohol promotes Asthma and COPD.
  • Alcohol damages the heart and brain.
  • Who drinks a lot of alcohol, usually has many additional diseases.

Alcohol in addition to nicotine, everyday drug number one in Germany. Only five percent of the adult life of abstinence. Every tenth German is drinking, however, much too much. That alcohol was harmful to health, many seriously not right and have little, if any, concerns about your liver.

A study of almost 300,000 patients

In the process, the alcohol favors a number of other diseases, on the topic of alcohol is hardly a think. A British-German study which examined in more detail.

Dieter Schoepf of the clinic and polyclinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy of the University hospital Bonn and Reinhard Heun from the Royal Derby Hospital in England, analyzed searches for the comorbidities of more than 23,000 patients with alcohol and compared them with those of in 233,000 patients without alcohol addiction. All were patients from seven hospitals in Manchester. The study ran over twelve and a half years.