50 years ago, the accident-death of a 8 modified Year-olds all over Germany

The death of Björn Steiger’s 50 years ago has not only changed the lives of his parents in a radical way. Also his younger brother, Pierre, don’t get rid of it. A memorial stone to björn’s 50. Death revives the memory of the tragedy again – and the gratitude for what grew out of it.

Pierre Steiger’s life is marked by a misfortune that is now 50 years old. He himself was not yet in the world happened to his parents, which is for mothers and fathers, probably the worst: you lose your eight-year-old son, Bjorn, who is injured on the way home from the swimming pool by a car.

Death of Björn Steiger: the ambulance arrived after an hour

His father finds the son quickly, but for nearly an hour does it take until the rescue arrives the car. During the ride to the hospital Bjorn dying before the eyes of his father, Siegfried Steiger – not of his injuries but of a shock. An avoidable death, if the Boy had soon enough been treated.

The fatal accident from 3. May 1969 is Siegfried Steiger and his wife, Ute is not in pain. You can transform your despair into energy and reasons, only two months later, the Björn-Steiger-Stiftung, in order to improve the German emergency aid. For decades the father and the mother are involved. “The theme was 24 hours of a presence,” says Steiger, a junior. “There was even a time, since war's too much for me.“

The trained Bank clerk, originally wanted to make on the Frankfurt stock exchange floor career. But that was nothing for him to have been told of the three times the father. dpa Siegfried Steiger (l), founder of the Björn-Steiger-Stiftung, together with his son, the President of the Björn-Steiger-Stiftung, Pierre-Enric Steiger (r) in the company headquarters in Winnenden (archive image)

Fatal accident marks the 50th anniversary of. Time

It is self – employment in the advertising and insurance industry, in the meantime follow the work for the Foundation. This is since about a decade, but then his profession and his vocation: To the beginning of the year 2010 father handed climbers, shortly after his 80th birthday. Birthday the baton to his younger son. Since then, Pierre is a climber, President of the Foundation. “It’s like a Virus,” says the 47-Year-old almost fate.

Next Friday björn’s death marks the 50th anniversary of. Time. The occasion for the Foundation, a memorial stone with the likeness of the boy at the scene of the accident solemnly to reveal. In addition, former class have björn’s comrades organized a memorial service.

Brother of Björn Steiger previously knew only the vision of his parents

Pierre Steiger has met these people recently, by chance. “Until then, I only have the perspective of my parents, Björn knew.” And the memories of the older sister, known to Bjorn, were only dimly. That his unknown brother must have been an active, bright child with many friends, he was not aware of. The stories of the witnesses to have completed his picture of Björn – “you have made him more approachable”. dpa Pierre-Enric Steiger, President of the Björn-Steiger-Stiftung, in the company headquarters in Winnenden (archive image)

Pierre Steiger is now benefiting from the development work of his parents. The first project a great success: the equipment of roads with emergency telephones. Because of the cell phone dissemination, the once-around 8000 orange were a life-saver now reduced to 1056 in the state of Baden-Württemberg. They are, in particular, in regions with bad cell phone reception.

Nationwide emergency telephone number was introduced to björn’s death in 1973

Further milestones were the introduction of the nationwide emergency number 110/112 (1973), the first Baby-emergency doctor in 1974), the introduction of Defibrillation by lay rescuers (2001), and the cell phone tracking by psaps (2006) cars (to name just a few. The latest projects of the Foundation with its 200.000 sponsors the mobile Savior – qualified first responders, such as nurses or firefighters to help after a workout in case of emergency.

DRC Secretary General Christian Reuter appreciates the commitment of the Climber: “We appreciate the work and the importance of the Björn Steiger Foundation, especially if it lives to the rescue of the people, and the fight against death.”

Pierre Steiger: personnel situation is not satisfactory

Pierre Steiger, but it also places the fingers in the wounds of the German rescue system. So, it had not yet succeeded, with the help of modern clinic structures with fewer units. Vehicles will be bound thereby during the transportation of patients longer and in the case of an emergency, then time is in default.

Also the personnel situation within the rescue services is not satisfying. “The civil service was the easiest recruitment tool, many are caught up in the Job.” He adds: “The civil service for all could solve many problems.”

Moreover, the quality of the help in case of emergency from state to state are very different. “Good care is a matter of luck, depending on where you are.” Therefore, the biggest goal of the Foundation was fulfilled a long time: to make itself superfluous. The President is convinced: “We are still, unfortunately, necessary.”