A politician suffers a coughing fit during a speech for his reaction he garners ridicule and Häme

You can see in the Video: politician suffers a coughing fit during a speech, and must leave immediately on Corona to test.

In Corona-the times of almost every cough and Sneeze is considered as potentially dangerous.

Such is the fate of the Australian politicians Josh Frydenberg,

the gets during a speech in Parliament, a fit of coughing.

In his speech, he must, therefore, several times to interrupt.

The specifications for the cough in the elbow, it is not.

In between, he joked that his speech was too long.

After Frydenberg has finished his speech, he will have to be sent to the quarantine.

On Twitter, he reported several hours later that he let on Covid-19 test.

The result, however, is negative, the quarantine is thus not necessary.

Twitter Users react to both a lack of understanding as well as Humor to the Tweet of the Minister.

The Users also demand that politicians adhere to Hygiene rules, and role models serve.

Josh Frydenberg has not done so.

Probably, the government will educate your employees better.