An intelligent syringe, which is your goal

Scientists have invented a high-sensitive smart syringe, the changes in the tissue and detects it in delicate cases, it easier to hit the target better. Example, medications can be administered in the sensitive areas of the eye. In animal experiments, the device was already tested successfully.

In some regions of the body, a specialist is needed to set a syringe, for example, if medication must be administered in sensitive regions such as the back of the eye area. Once the needle has penetrated less than a Millimeter thick leather skin, do not need to be stopped so that it comes to an injury of the retina. Researchers from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital have now developed a syringe, the tissue changes to detect the medication can properly and safely be delivered.

The intelligent syringe was made from a normal injection needle and commercially available Syringes. The device uses differences in pressure in various body tissues, in order to find the target tissue and to prevent injection.

The intelligent syringe has been successfully tested on tissues in three animal models to investigate the output accuracy in various areas of the body. The next step was to demonstrate the Usefulness and the safety of the technology in preclinical disease models.