Clearly a breakthrough – researchers apparently Covid-19-drug closer

In the exploration of the novel Coronavirus brown have been able to Schweiger scientists, a media report according to which antibodies were detected, preventing the Virus from entering cells. “This is clearly a breakthrough that shows that We are on the right path for the development of a drug against Covid-19,” said the virologist Luka Cicin-Sain from the Braunschweig-based Helmholtz center for infection research (HZI), the “Braunschweiger Zeitung” (registration paid content).

A possible Coronavirus-the drug is tested

Cicin-Sain and his Team have analysed, according to the report, 6,000 different artificially produced human antibodies. The researchers found more than 750 antibodies that dock to the Coronavirus – a condition to combat the pathogens successfully. The antibodies are tested on cell cultures for their effectiveness.

Ill with the Coronavirus

"So miserable I’ve never gefühlt" – these people have survived Covid-19

Chills, shortness of breath, went crazy for some digestion – the symptoms of Covid-19 are very different. However, all Recovering have in common: you are now immune to the Virus. What we have all of them.

The scientists ‘ objective is not a vaccine but a medicine is to schwerk tendril Corona-treated patients by an acute: “The operating principle, with which we work, is the so-called Passive immunization,” said Stefan Dübel Technical University Braunschweig. “The effect occurs immediately, with The antibodies to the Virus have the potential.”

The search for the best antibody candidates for a later drug should still be up in mid-June, continuing, said Thomas Schirrmann of the participating Biotech companies Yumab. Then, it is important to check the favorites, “hearts and minds” and the development for clinical practice prepare. “Our Vision is that in the autumn of the first Corona-patients are treated with the drug,” said Schirrmacher.

Lower Saxony’s science Minister, Björn Thümler (CDU) paid tribute to the performance of the research team: “I am delighted about the great success of the research institutions in lower Saxony, the better healing success in the case of Covid-19 hope,” said the politician in the newspaper.

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