Cold: when must my child to the doctor?

Children are clearly caught a cold more frequently than adults. The reason is simple: your immune system is not trained on viruses and other pathogens properly. Up to twelve febrile infections apply to in the toddler age as normal. For what symptoms children consult your doctor should be and what can be alleviated, explains Prof. Dr. Philippe Stock, chief physician of Pediatrics in the Altona children’s hospital.

"In the course of each cold Defense can be formed against the respective pathogens, which protect the body for the Rest of your life. In children, especially in infancy, is not yet the Fall", floor says. Rhinitis occurs in 80 percent of the diseases and is the most common signs of disease of a flu-like infection. A common cold passes in children serious than in adults because the Airways are much narrower. "By the swelling of the mucous membranes during a flu-like infection of the connecting passage between the throat and the ear closes, for example, much faster. The ventilation of the middle ear can no longer be sufficiently guaranteed, which may result in an inflammation of the middle ear,” explains Stock. With age, the vulnerability decreases.

There are no medications, the the actual cause of a cold, the virus, fight. In addition to Drink plenty of fluids, rest and sleep of the children’s doctor recommends, the main symptom, usually a runny nose, to treat. For this purpose, saline nasal sprays, drops, or gel, which are in the pharmacies, available without a prescription are. Combination preparations, which act against several of these symptoms at the same time, it is not recommended to floor. Fever, for example, is an important defense mechanism of the body and should only be used in exceptional cases, be reduced. "A common cold lasts with or without treatment, usually 7 to 10 days. The symptoms keep last longer than two weeks, is discolored, the mucus is yellowish or blood-stained reddish, should be consulted in any case, a children’s doctor,” advises floor.

Since it is against the variety of common cold viruses no Vaccination, the best Prevention is a strong immune system. In order to strengthen the defense, the expert recommends regular exercise in the fresh air, no matter what the weather is like, as well as a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.


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