Corona-Warning-App – today, the first warnings are sent

Low or increased risk? This Wednesday, the first user of the Corona-Warning-App-risk encounters with Corona will be informed Infected. As the Portal “Golem” reported that since yesterday, the first 341 key of Infected available. The App loads this code from a Server and compares them in connection with anonymous identification numbers, which are sent via Bluetooth from Smartphone to Smartphone – provided that the owners have loaded the App, and the risk of detection is enabled.

New App

The Corona-Warning-App and privacy: Is the protection worth the risk?

Since the Start of the Corona-Warning the App about a week ago, almost twelve million people have downloaded in Germany, the application on your Smartphone. According to researchers, could be reached already a critical level, after which the App produces an effect. Experts see the App as a technical tool, the so-called “Contact-Tracing” – the process of Identifying contact persons that could have possibly infected with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. In this way, the application is not intended to replace the work of the health authorities, but support. An advantage of the App is, for example, that anonymous risk-to-face meetings on a Bus, train or Restaurant, can be detected.

Test result enter voluntarily

A user is tested positive for the Virus, he can enter the result of volunteering in the App, either by using a QR code or a TAN number, which can call be obtained. The anonymous key is loaded in the connection to the Server. To make it difficult to draw conclusions on individual persons, are, according to the “Golem” is also Fake-key figures – a useful function particularly in case of low Infection. The number of 341 keys should correspond to the actual number of positively tested App users, below.

In the past seven days, according to the Robert Koch Institute, 3862 new cases of infection in Germany. The number of new infections rose again – a development that happened largely as a result of a local outbreak, as currently in Gütersloh transmissions.

Source: Golem / Robert-Koch-Institute

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