Diet-Ranking of 2019: So you have to eat to really take off – Video

New year, new luck: thousands of Germans starving to the beginning of the year in the hope of a more beautiful and healthier body. Different diets to help you – supposedly. Experts from the USA have examined 40 forms of diet. Some diets work, therefore, the super and the one or other Trend diet turns out to be a full Flop.

Lose weight, stay fit and healthy, weight keep: Who makes a diet, and this may have different objectives. What makes a really good diet plan, the experts of &quot know;US News". They have evaluated 40 diets according to various factors, including: feasibility, Short – and Long-term consequences, nutrients, and aid in the prevention of diseases.

Fresh vegetables and fish: the Mediterranean diet wins

Place the Mediterranean diet took second place in this year. Who wants to eat Mediterranean, eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fish and olive oil. Red meat and sweets do not belong on the dining plan. Mediterranean diet scores, is that you can contribute much to a healthy life-style and permanently implemented. Who wants to with you remove, you must put yourself goals, such as, for example, a maximum amount of calories per day.

Lower blood pressure: the Dash diet performs well

Last year’s winner, the Dash diet, works in a similar way and landed in the Ranking for 2019 in the second place. This diet was developed to lower high blood pressure. Therefore, foods are here on the Plan, with a positive impact on blood pressure. So, those that contain a lot of potassium, calcium, protein and fiber. The fruit and vegetables as well as whole grain products, low-fat dairy products, fish and poultry. The biggest food enemy, according to the Dash method is salt, it should be replaced by herbs and spices. Similar to the Mediterranean diet those wanting to lose weight must stick for your calorie target.

By: Keto and Paleo diet

Some forms of diet that have gained a lot of attention recently, the experts consider, however, is not useful. The Paleo or stone age diet, in the end, only the food are what people in prehistoric times to count. Negative of the Atkins diet, which provides for a strict limitation of carbohydrates, and the Keto diet also limits carbohydrates, and instead, on a lot of fat sets were evaluated. The experts ranked these diets as unhealthy and not very promising because none of them can be over a longer period of time to perform, is therefore suitable for a complete Diet.

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