Drug helps against pain during Sex

The drug Gabapentin might help if women suffer during intercourse chronic pain. By taking they felt less pain during your sexual Desire and satisfaction have increased.

Although their sexual function was not completely restored, had the Request of the women after taking Gabapentin in less pain and more sexual. In particular, women with strong pain profited from the treatment.

Gabapentin is a drug that is commonly used for pain after an infection with herpes viruses in fibromyalgia. "Our theory was that the reduction of pain in the pelvic relieve floor muscle, the pain during Sex and, thus, the sexual function improving kann", Gloria Bachmann, Director of the Institute for women’s health, from the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey.

The study involved 230 women took part, usually more than five years stinging, burning or itching pain at the vaginal entrance, which is triggered in case of contact, for example, by the Insertion of a tampon or during sexual intercourse.