E-cigarettes with Aroma are seductive

E-cigarettes are a favorite of many young people of great popularity. A study by the University of Southern California shows that young people, the E-cigarettes with fruit or candy-use flavors, the VAPE more for the habit and more of these products consume.

Many young people experimenting with E-cigarettes, but not all are regular users. There are fears, however, that flavors for E-cigarettes, the taste of children and young people, to seduce to the permanent Fan. Data from semi-annual surveys under 478 young people from the greater Los Angeles suggest that this assumption is true: About nine out of ten teenagers in the study preferred the traditional flavors of tobacco or Menthol, but fruity and sweet flavors. Of the young people who used these flavors, vapor-deposited 64.3 percent six months later, compared with 42.9 percent of those who used traditional flavors. Young people, the E-cigarette in a fruity, sweet or butter-like flavors are used, of which consumed more.

The study, which appears in the journal Pediatrics, could walls claims to political restrictions on flavored products for E-cigarettes under. Prof. Adam Leventhal, Director of the Institute for addiction science at USC, considers a ban on these flavors for "Regulations such as these could stop millions of US-young people, the inspire E-cigarette use, with the Vaping, if you no longer have access to these flavors."


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