Faster treatment of snake bites

In snake venom, the lethal effect only in the presence of metal ions &ndash are often contain enzymes that; usually zinc – can unfold. A research team from Liverpool has been identified among substances that are normally used in heavy metal poisoning, two of which could also be used against snake-poisons taken.

In animal experiments, the Team showed that one of the Substances protection against the deadly poison of the sand race lottern offers – extremely dangerous vipers, which are common in Parts of Africa and Asia. Of particular importance is that the active ingredient is easy to use and with a subsequent treatment in the hospital may be combined.

Disabilities and Todesfäll prevent

The active ingredient shortly after a snake bite as an oral medication, used before the way to the nearest clinic will be started, which can sometimes take hours. This early treatment, together with a later administered anti-venom can save limbs and lives in the poorest communities of the world. An advantage is also that it is an already approved drug is safe and effective, as the researchers in the journal Science Translational Medicine reports.

Snake bites are one of the "vernachlässigten" Health problems in the world: Every year, 000 people die up to 138 due to snake bites, and an estimated 400 000 victims of permanent disabilities or disfigurement. Most people in Africa South of the Sahara, Asia and Latin America, working as farmers are at risk. The poverty and remoteness in many of these regions leads to the fact that snake can be treated a bite victim often only after great delay in a clinic with anti-venom.