Fitness in Corona times: Why the Training of the muscles helps to a long and healthy life

In the corona of a crisis, it is important to stay fit. In Germany, this is not a major Problem, since there is not a total curfew. A view in the Park is enough to see that a lot of Jogging just continue as you are used to. In countries where the Exit of the apartment is allowed only in exceptional cases, however, a lot of rethinking. Instead of the usual running route Work are therefore-outs on the living room carpet.

And that is a good thing, writes the magazine “New Scientist” in its current cover story, “Rethinking Exercise” (“Training rethink”). Because muscle strength and not Fitness is the key to a long and healthy life, the authors write. For a long time the training of muscles to be neglected and sports have been preferred, the put a strain on the heart and circulation. Aerobic exercise had been the “Holy Grail” of personal Fitness, complained to the magazine.


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Muscles shrink from alone

It is important to strengthen the muscles. If you are not controls, the training of the muscles in the thirties, her peak, and then you are back to form. About five percent of the muscle mass will be lost in a decade. Properly, this effect was assessed in 1988 by Irwin Rosenberg. He wrote at the time, “no decline with age is more dramatic and functionally significant than the decline in muscle mass. Why have we not paid more attention?”

Since a few years ago is now reversed. Official organizations such as the WHO try to debunk the myth of the “10,000 steps” and warn that Running is not sufficient. Studies show that strength exercises of one hour per week to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by up to 70 percent. Another study of 100,000 women found that those who completed a minimum of one hour of weight training per week had a lower risk of diabetes.


Just Go not keeps you fit study recommends two Work-outs per week

Strong muscles ensures a longer independent life

Further studies say that people with a higher grip strength of the Hand-a lower risk to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Add to that a kind of truism. Who has the stronger muscles will hurt less in case of Falls and other accidents, and he is no longer able to live independently without assistance, according to the magazine.

The “New Scientist” leads to other positive effects, such as the Chance to survive cancer. It is also important that muscle building helps to avoid Overweight. A higher percentage of Muscle leads to a higher basal metabolic rate of the body, because muscle uses more calories than other tissue, for its own preservation. Strength training has the advantage that it consumes, even after the Exercise continue calories because the tissue is repaired according to the stress itself. In terms of the aging of the Stimulation of the skeleton is particularly important. Force the Degeneration of the bone to stop or slow down can exercises.

Simple Workouts help

Previously it was only trying to retard the muscle atrophy, if it was already too late. If the removal for seniors, was so far advanced that they were able to rise from the Sofa. This can be avoided with relatively little expenditure of time, that the age-related reduction in muscles occurs at all.

For the preservation of the health of the other rules apply, however, as for the Bodybuilding or body shaping. Here, it is important that all muscles are evenly addressed. The Training of the individual muscles, so that they protrude three-dimensionally, has to do with therapeutic Training anything. It is also largely insignificant, whether you are working with lots of reps and light Weights or heavy Weights and little repetition. To enjoy the benefits of building muscles, one should take at least two Times a week and Exercises that reach all muscle groups. The first Training has the largest effect, the second a somewhat smaller effect, and so on. It quickly reaches a level, the more Training, not more leads to better Health. It is therefore not necessary to swing every day Weights.

Source: New Scientist

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