Happy for a month due to toad secretion?

Psychedelic substances seem to alleviate the symptoms of Depression, which has led scientists from the University of Maastricht, to test a new variant: the dried and powdered toad secretions. A first study shows, that single Inhalation of the vaporized powder can make up to four weeks to be happier, more alert and less depressed.

The Psychedelic, the abbreviated 5-MeO-DMT is, comes from the real toad (Bufo alvarius). In order to clarify whether 5-affects MeO-DMT as an antidepressant, the researchers from Maastricht 42 persons steam from dried toad secretions inhale. One day and four weeks later, they conducted surveys among the test persons showed that most of them felt better and more alert, less depressed, anxious and stressed were, even a month later. The stronger the hallucinogenic experience was, the more pronounced were the long-lasting effects.

However, only 24 had participated of the 42 test persons to the polls. The reasons for the lack of response of the other participant are unknown but the authors suggest that you might have been disappointed by the Experiment: "It is not known whether the experience with the Inhalation of steam from dried toad secretions with 5-MeO-DMT and the expectations and motivations of all participants has been met."

Most of the test persons had stated as a reason for participation in the study, they wanted to understand themselves better or to solve problems, hoped, other motives were the search for a spiritual experience, healing, or curiosity.

The researchers point out that 5-MeO-DMT could be a horror trip with increased anxiety and Paranoia thrown in. If so, only the people have reported good experiences, then this could have the results falsified, since there was no control group. To clarify, the researchers are now in further studies.