Heavy legs: Sauna prefer to avoid

In the warm Season many people complain of cramping about swollen legs and ankles, pain, or calf. Such symptoms, a disorder of the venous system is based is often. Here, above all, movement helps the chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony advises.

The majority of the population of the venous system is affected, more or less. If you are struggling with heavy legs, remembers best the "3 L instead of 3 S"-Rule of thumb: "Dear.or Run as Bad Sitting or Stehen" The more often Affected by this movement to give, the more the muscles are supported, the necessary pressure on the blood vessels to pump the blood through the veins to the heart. Also targeted foot and leg gymnastics does well and succeeds on a chair: This includes the heel and toe of the body to be moved alternately down and removed irritating. These small movements activate the venous pump. It is also helpful for regular exchange of warm leg, according to chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony showers: they stimulate the venous circulation. Caution is advised in the sauna. They are suitable only conditionally, since heat dilates the veins unnecessarily.

Swollen legs are more than just a cosmetic Problem: Does the venous pump not working correctly, can broom rice similar braids, Edema, ulcers or varicose veins result. In the end it comes to chronic venous insufficiency that if left untreated, major damage to the skin and a lower leg ulcer ("open Bein") brings. In addition, inflammatory processes can enable in the extended veins of the coagulation system, which in turn increases the risk of thrombosis. Affected can, therefore, best from a doctor not examine the vein disease progresses if untreated, continue to progress. Often compression is prescribed therapy, which improves the return flow of Blood to the heart again. In the local pharmacy there are also herbal medicines with horse chestnut extract, which support the veins in addition.

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