In deep sleep on Tour

While others sleep soundly, your sleep is often form, even if involuntarily. You may be walking, driving, eating, cleaning, cooking, and some of the violence even operate without being aware of it.

About four percent of all adults are affected, according to estimates of scientists, in the case of children under the age of 10 years, there are even more than 13 percent. A dangerous phenomenon. “The proverbial sleep of security, there is,” warns Alfred Wiater of the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM). Accordingly, it is often sleepwalkers headlines generate.

“Sleep walking Tourist triggers police action”, it said, about at 18. January. A newspaper austrägerin had in the morning, discovered at 3 o’clock in Oberstdorf in the Allgäu region, a completely-frozen Irishman who had been locked out of his accommodation out. In Bremen, a woman found in July in the morning a Stranger in your house, barefoot and in boxer shorts. A young man was running to her, said the 79-Year-old to the police. The 25-Year-old could only remember that he had seen with his father a Film.

Harmless such messages compared to the experience of the British adventurer David Hempleman-Adams. In the early summer of 2000, he traveled alone in a balloon over the North polar sea, as he wanted to leave the basket, 1300 meters over the Arctic. His luck: He was with a safety belt buckled.

Sleep is when sleepwalking is particularly deep

In General, the sleep begins to convert in the Transition from the first deep sleep in the first dream phase of sleep, about one to one and a half hours after falling Asleep. A simple stimulus such as a full bladder or a noise can be sufficient to cause growth disturbance. When you sleep, certain parts of the brain are activated to convert, the Rest remains in deep sleep.

The Concerned operate automatically, the control by the consciousness, is completely missing. This is the reason why you can’t remember the next Morning what happened. “The interesting thing is that this Person is sleeping much deeper than you would otherwise sleep in the deep sleep,” says psychologist Mitja Seibold. Therefore, it is also particularly severe, a sleep-walking Person to Wake up.

Stress and sleep disturbances are among the possible causes of the malfunction, sometimes the tendency is inherited. Alcohol or some sleeping pill may increase the risk, because you change the deep sleep.

Also a question of brain maturation

Children are affected more often, is due to the fact that brain maturation is not yet complete. Often, sleep loses to transform, therefore, after puberty. The sleep turns to walk after the age of 16. The age of a, should check the Affected possible organic or psychological causes the doctor.

Also Kilian is among the Sleepwalkers. Once he was in a full-moon night in the garden, told the 14-Year-old. His parents were by the Rattling of the door guard, and brought the then four-year-old back into the house. Since then, they lock everything.

“In children and adolescents, sleep is walking in the rule as a temporary phenomenon of Development,” says sleep physician Wiater. “The fact that during the sleep shifting the sensitivity to pain is reduced and can lead to self-inflicted injuries should prepare.” This is also true in adults.

In the case of sleepwalkers should be completed, for this reason, the house and balcony doors and keys hidden, window, fuse blocks, and fragile items out of the sleeping area is to be cleared away.

Don’t Wake up

Wiater advises to also sleep not to Wake, because they can react aggressively. Instead, one should lead a soothing effect on the Affected and rinse it back into the bed. Psychological help is only consider in very severe cases.

Also Kilian’s nights have become calmer. Nevertheless, it is sometimes found in the morning in unusual places, such as on the floor in front of the window or under the Desk. “I notice that I Wake up somewhere else when I’m asleep and then I have to wonder a little bit,” he says. His assessment, he notes with a sense of Humor, as well as the fact that he laughs in his sleep and talking.