In which German Region, there is most Doctors – and where the least

How far did you make it up to the doctor? And it often takes a longer time to the next appointment? The can do cross through Germany, where someone lives. Because of how closely the net of the practice doctors is different depending on the Region, still pretty.

In the student city of Freiburg in the Breisgau, at the foot of the black forest, in purely mathematical care – – nearly 400 practicing physicians to 100,000 population. 300 kilometres further North, in the Bavarian district of Coburg, in contrast, only 84,3. There are, particularly in sparsely populated areas of acute Worry of whether practices prior to the place to stay at all. Because many family doctors are older.

Big cities often serving the surrounding area

How good or problematic the patient’s supply in a Region is, on the whole, is not easy to say. This is because the practices of the physicians contribute, of course, not alone, but also, for example, clinics and other health facilities.

In addition, larger cities provide, at least in the specialist range is often a certain surrounding region. The district of Landshut with 87 Physicians are ranked based on 100,000 inhabitants in the density of physicians nationwide on the second-to-last place. The city of Landshut is in contrast with a value of 319 Doctors even in the top group in eighth place, as new Figures from the Federal physician register with the state by the end of 2018.

Brandenburg is in the density of Doctors tail light

A simple difference-East and West. Although Brandenburg is in the case of the doctor, the shot density of the light in all countries. Also less than 200 practising physicians per 100,000 inhabitants have, however, Westphalia is also the cash-in-doctors-regions-Lippe, Saxony-Anhalt, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia.

Specifically, it is for the patients on how large the area is, to a certain doctors number distributed. And then, it is crucial how thin the connection is also with public transport.

“The only serious answer: more places to study”

In order to avoid impending shortages in certain regions, from the point of view of Doctors the policy. "The only serious answer to the shortage of Doctors means more Studienplätze", doctors President Frank Ulrich Montgomery said.

From the perspective of the statutory health insurance (Shi), there are actually enough Doctors. But which were distributed occasionally wrong, and would have Insured at least in some cases, rarely in office hours. The downside to the lack of practices on the Land are infested city, practices in certain quarters. Often parents are dismissed, the search for a solid children’s doctor.

House doctors, especially in view of

Particularly in view of the network of family doctors. They are usually the first and most frequent points of contact for patients and should not be as large as possible so far away. Also here is the cover apart, but regional.

Nationwide top Kaufbeuren in Bavaria, with 95.9 house doctors per 100,000 inhabitants. Over the 90-Doctors-brand also Freiburg are in the Breisgau, Würzburg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and Weimar. Of the ten municipalities with the lowest house doctor six are density in North Rhine-Westphalia – including the city of Duisburg (about 500,000 inhabitants) with 55-house physicians to this ratio.

The biggest Problem of Rhineland-Palatinate threatened

Of all the doctors of the difficulties of succession are also for quite some time, if practice owners retire. And family doctors are on average older than their colleagues from other disciplines.

The biggest Problem threatening according to statistics, in Rhineland-Palatinate, which has the nation’s oldest family doctors (an average of 56.4 years) – almost one in five (18.9 percent) is older than 65. In Westphalia-Lippe, it looks only a little better. In contrast, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the comparatively recent in-house doctors with an average age of 54 years of age, only 9.3 percent are over 65.

The government is relying on financial incentives

To win just house doctors for the country, however, is not easy. In order for practices to carry, you need a certain Patient base. And also for Doctors, the decision for a branch hangs in a place of criteria, such as leisure activities, Jobs for life partner and child services, such as the Scientific Institute of the Private health insurance explained in a study.

In General, there is a control of practice sitting on demand plans. The Federal government sets in the future on additional financial incentives for rural doctors.

Shi calls for “common effort”

The Shi head Association warns "a common Anstrengung" in order to secure a supply at a high level – just on the Land, when schools, train stations and grocery stores are already closed. "Today, the organisations of the Physicians and the hospitals to see to often as competitors to lucrative patients, rather than Hand-in-Hand for their good care together to arbeiten", spokesman Florian Lanz says.

The complete Overview of the cash-medical Federal Union for the density of Doctors in Germany, you can find here.