Influenza alert: 80,000 Germans of flu – which regions are affected

The flu wave in Germany has gained momentum. A total of 79.263 laboratory-confirmed cases have been recorded since the autumn, of which about half in just the past two reporting weeks. This is one of the current weekly report of the Association of Influenza at the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) in Berlin.

130 deaths in this flu season

130 people have died according to the report, this season has already proven to have an infection with the influenza virus. A total of approximately 13.300 Sick people in hospitals were treated.

The reported flu cases show only a snippet of the actual events. Tens of thousands of Deaths in Germany to be adopted in the case of a severe flu season. In the severe wave in the Winter of 2017/18 RKI were an estimated ten million physician visits in Germany to the account of the flu.

Many of the cases in Bavaria

Outbreaks with more than five cases, there was, according to the report, such as in kindergartens (92), hospitals (43), and schools (25). Particularly the East and Southeast of Bavaria is concerned, according to RKI. But also in other Federal States, Influenza is rampant.

Robert-Koch-Institute , The wave of Flu spreads. Especially in the red-colored regions.

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What you need to know for the Influenza

The flu is very contagious and is transmitted from Diseased about using droplets when Sneezing, coughing or Talking. Also on doorknobs or handles in busses and trains, the Virus can be carried on. Regular and thorough hand washing is therefore considered helpful to a contagion to be avoided.

The real, from the influenza virus induced flu-begins – other than a common cold – in many cases, all of a sudden. Include typical symptoms of fever, dry cough, sore throat, runny nose, as well as in the limbs and headache. In addition to many mild gradients, there are also those with complications such as pneumonia.

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