Intimate area hair removal: step-by-step guide

Intimate epilation: A complete enthaarter pubic area is nowadays considered to be beautiful and hygienic. To epilating the pubic area, helps in addition to velvet-soft skin. FOCUS Online explains step by step how to do this.

Aesthetics under the belt-line is on-Trend – for both men and women. A popular method is Shaving. This method has the disadvantage that you need to grab all the two to three days for the razor. In the meantime grow annoying stubble.

Epilating removes hair with the root. An epilator has rotating rollers that grab the hair and rip out. This procedure is not exactly painless, is obvious.

  • Body hair removal: Gentle shave
  • Body hair removal: Gentle epilation
  • Body hair removal: pubic area grow
  • Body hair removal: pubic area shaving

A good epilator makes it easier to work

For successful Epilating the choice of the right device is extremely important. To the use of cheaper devices, you would be better off without, when it comes to the genital area. Here you need a really good device with an extra-narrow attachments and a trimmer attachment that allows the Socket to long hairs.

A built-in light makes it easier to find hair in tricky corners. Wet Epilation should be possible to use the softening effect of water is perfect.Best offer on

Practice makes perfect, also when Epilating

Epilating is painful. At the beginning you have to bite the teeth together. However, the skin gets used fairly quickly to this process. If you are epilating for the first Time, it is recommended to practice the technique on the legs. So you get a feel for the device and get familiar with the technology.

If you are very sensitive to pain, Epilation, but nevertheless, want to Take try a Ibuprofen pill half an hour before Epilating. This reduces pain and prevents inflammation. A plan for the Epilating plenty of time, at least an hour. Epilating the pubic area, to facilitate you with the following measures:

  • Hair is cut to the correct length
  • Wet epilation
  • Dry powder epilating with baby
  • Skin margins
  • Skin after Epilation cool

The ideal length of hair for Epilating

To epilate pubic area, the hair up to five millimeters long. The epilator captures hair with this length, the easiest. You can trim the hair with the Trimmer on your device or your intimate area shaving. After four days, the stubble is the perfect length.

Wet epilation under the warm shower

Warm water relaxes the pores of the skin and makes hair soft. The roots are easier to remove. A good epilator works in the shower. Enjoy a few minutes in the warm water, before you start Epilating. Water is required for at least two minutes, its relaxing effect. You massage vigorously to the blood circulation of the skin to stimulate. The pain prevents.

Dry powder epilating with baby

If your epilator is only dry working, can’t do without you still, on the solvent effect of a warm shower. It can be extensively warm water sprinkling. Then dry and powder your skin with baby powder. The binds the rest of the moisture and ensures that the epilator can grab the hair well.