It is like a miracle – British woman dies in snow storm and is being revived six hours later

Doctors in Barcelona have revived a woman after a six-hour cardiac arrest again.

Audrey Marsh was on 3. November caught up in the Pyrenees in a snow storm. Due to the cold weather, the 34-Year-old suffered a cardiac arrest. After the first goods remained recovery attempts regardless, it was Marsh flew in the Vall d’Hebron hospital in the Catalan capital. Her body temperature had dropped to 20 degrees. There is the miracle the Doctors. SB Audrey Marsh: I’m not religious, but it is like a miracle. The cold had led to the cardiac arrest, Marsh, but also saved the life of Dr. Eduard Argudo. SB Dr. Eduard Argudo: The heart was still to be caused by hypothermia, because the temperature of their body was so low that her heart was working. Although this brought her heart to a standstill, it protected you well, because your brain could in this Situation to hold out longer. The Doctors say this is the longest known of cardiac arrest in Spain, a man has survived. Only your hands can’t move Marsh to the cooling system properly. The Briton, who lives in Barcelona, will be able to go to work in the coming days.