Kita in NRW, the vaccination: children without Vaccinations will be rejected from now on

A private kindergarten in North Rhine-Westphalia, takes in only children with Vaccination. The “children box” in Essen, and four more connected to the Hoards with a total of around 60 children from now on, only children are vaccinated against common diseases such as measles, Mumps, and rubella. “So how Catholic institutions can be a baptismal certificate submit, we require a vaccination booklet of the parents,” said nursery operator Jutta Behrwind on Friday.

Children without Vaccinations will be rejected

Children who had no Vaccination, would be rejected at the time of registration, it said. First, the WDR reported. Vaccinations are of the view that the 13-member Elternrats of the five facilities necessary and useful. There is a lot of positive response, it said.

Private Kita-carrier need for such a requirement, no permission of the authorities, said a city spokeswoman. You could set your contracts. The health Department think that the idea is a good one.