Lack of exercise: Negative effects after only two weeks

A new study shows that the impact of even short-time physical inactivity from the negative to the health. The good news is that these effects can apparently undo.

Only two weeks, lack of exercise and prolonged Sitting had in normally active, healthy adults already have a negative impact on the health of your vascular function, was reduced after 14 inactive days spent 1.8 percent of their cardiorespiratory Fitness suffered and to total body fat, waist circumference, liver fat, and insulin resistance increased. This is Dr. Kelly Bowden of Newcastle University and the University of Liverpool in the UK, and her Team at the annual meeting of the European Association for research into diabetes (EASD) reported in Barcelona.

The researchers also had good news: After two more weeks, in which the participants had taken up their usual activity, all returned values are approximate to the output values. The authors conclude: "These negative consequences appear to be due to habitual movement offset. Even minor Changes in physical activity in daily life can have a positive impact or a negative impact on health. People should be encouraged to increase your physical activity level in every way imaginable."

For the study, 28 healthy, normal weight adults had reduced their physical activity by an average of 10,000 steps per day and your Sitting time spent daily by an average of 103 minutes extended.


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