Maggots in the ears: 83-Year-old finds her husband in a nursing home in disgusting condition

The last weeks in the life of John Callaghan were not so, as any of us would wish for himself. And has his family still. Especially Callaghan’s widow, 83-year-old Fay from Queensland, Australia. Her husband was ill in 2017, to cancer. After treatment, he was weak and needed more care, which is why he moved to the hospital stay for the time being in a nursing home. However, after only two weeks John pleaded with his wife, him her out of there.

John should recover from the cancer treatment

John Callaghan was in the “Bupa nursing home Tungun moved” to the South of the city of Brisbane. However, the weakened man quickly realized that the staff was inexperienced, had and him not properly treated. He, however, was not able to protest, or the care failed the staff, even to perform. And so Callaghan’s wife, Fay was horrified when she could visit him for the first Time in the home. “When I visited him, were maggots crawling out of his ear!”

Callaghan’s cancer had also affected his ear – he had been in surgery and had wounds that must be supplied by the nursing personnel had. But that was not to happen obviously. Fay says that her husband had been in a “disgusting” state. And although he was confused by his condition and his medication often, he was for sure of one thing: “This is a terrible place, it is terrible here! No one cares about you. Please get me out of here!”

The old man came to a hospital

John’s statement was impressive with his dire condition. Fay and their children were John to a nearby hospital, but his condition was so bad that he died there a little later. In addition, the family reported the nursing home to the authorities. “It is a very serious but isolated incident that took place in the year 2017 in our home in Tugun. The Problem was detected by our nurses to quickly and Mr. Callaghan was transferred to a hospital,” reads the Version of the story, a spokesman for the responsible nursing home chain in the “Daily Mail told”. You’ve got apologized in addition, in the case of Fay Callaghan.

After the incident increased inspections in the homes, however, and the much more defects were detected and in consequence, public funding for operators have been removed. For Fay, and their children, but that is no real consolation – you’ve lost John, the would have had better care a Chance to get back on their feet. This loss can’t compensate again.

Source: Daily Mail

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