Nasal swab as an Allergy Test?

For people with hay fever skin tests and blood could withdrawals soon belong to the past: A team of researchers from the Institute for environmental medicine at the Helmholtz center in Munich has shown that Allergy antibody that could just as well be measured in nasal secretions.

Hay fever and other allergies are usually diagnosed by skin-prick testing, in which small amounts of the Allergen through a stitch in the skin are introduced. The children sometimes a Problem, because the Test is uncomfortable. Remedy, the Team of Prof. Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann, has developed a new diagnostic method for Allergy-ridden people: The scientists have studied the amount of antibodies and against more than a hundred different allergens on Biochips. Instead of blood, they have used nasal secretions of test persons and were able to identify allergies to house dust mites, tree and grass pollen.

Good Option füchildren with allergies

Blood and nasal swabs resulted in all of the investigated allergens in the air, to similar results. The awareness-raising pattern was the same: It were identified with the two sample materials the same sets of allergens to which the body an immune response had developed. Prof. Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann said: "A great advantage of the Allergy diagnostics with a nasal swab is that it samples in comparison to blood or skin tests is a good Option for small children. For this age group, a hyposensitization therapy is important because to develop hay fever, allergic Asthma can."