New treatment for dry eye in sight

A new, enzyme-based treatment for extremely dry eyes resulted in an early clinical study of an improvement of the complaints. The new treatment could fill a gap as there are currently only two active ingredients against dry eyes, which are not tolerated by all Concerned.

Eye drops containing an enzyme called deoxy ribonuclease, a short DNase, led compared to a Placebo in people with very dry eyes after eight weeks a significant reduction of corneal damage and other combustible Material skin on the surface of the eye. The participants stated in a survey, to suffer less from the symptoms of dry eye.

Dr. Sandeep Jain, Professor of ophthalmology and visual Sciences at the University of Illinois, said: "The data from this early clinical trial suggest that DNase can be eye drops in the treatment of extremely dry eyes safe and effective, and we look forward, larger randomized studies to prove their effectiveness definitely."

In the case of dry eye, the tear production is impaired, and certain white blood cells to collect on the surface of the eye. Give DNA that is irritating to the eye and more white blood cells to attract, so that is a vicious circle. The cornea becomes inflamed, leading to pain and light sensitivity. Normally, the DNA of enzymes from the tear film is reduced. In patients with dry eyes, this is not enough.

In the study, 47 patients had participated with very dry eyes. They used eight weeks of four times daily eye drops and half received only a Placebo without enzyme. The results were published in the journal Translational Vision Science and Technology.