Novel E-Bandage helps wounds to heal faster

Since the 1960s, we know that electrical Stimulation can contribute to the healing of skin wounds. Researchers from China and the USA have now developed a flexible electric Bandage, the skin movement in a therapeutic electric field converts. It reduces the wound healing time required dramatically.

Weibo Cai, Xudong Wang and his colleagues have tested their newly developed electrical Bandage in rats: sores on the back of the animals joined with the help of the Bandage within three days, while it took in animals with a Control without electric field for twelve days. The researchers attributed the faster wound healing to increased migration, proliferation and differentiation of connective tissue cells by the electric field.

In order to provide your Bandage with electricity, a nano-generator made of different materials and layers. This is able to be skin movements that occur during normal activity and Breathing, into small electrical pulses. The generated electricity was routed to two electrodes on both sides of the skin wound and produced a weak electric field.

Although the skin has good regeneration ability, in some cases, to poorly healing chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, and poor healing of surgical wounds. Methods for acceleration of wound healing, in part, only to a limited extent is effective, so Sufferers are often plagued by chronic pain, infections and scarring.