Penis sizes in a global comparison

The Penis has always played a Central role in terms of the perceived masculinity and self-confidence of the man. Many men define themselves – consciously or unconsciously – about the appearance and performance of your Penis. How do these values look like in comparison to other countries, explains FOCUS-Online-Experte Frank summer.

Length, girth, and appearance of your Penis' very important characteristics are for most men. This has not changed since the ancient times until today: the God Priapus was depicted with a large erect Penis.

My Penis is big enough?

Here are just bare Numbers. The most important data around the man’s best piece:

Penis data (white Europeans)

Average length (flaccid): 7,3 inches

Average length (erect): up to 15.4 inches

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A recent study by the North Rhine-Westphalia land Association of Pro Familia showed, however, an average length of 14,48 cm in erect state.

• Medium size (flaccid): 7.6 centimeters

• Medium size (erect): 11,1 inches

• Medium diameter (flaccid): 31 mm

• Medium diameter (erect): 41 mm

• Average length of the glans penis: 39,5 mm

• Size ratio, flaccid/erect: to 1:2.2

• Surface of the foreskin: approx. 75 square centimeters

• Medium volume (flaccid): 65 cubic centimeters

• Medium volume (erect): 213 cubic inches

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More important data in terms of Penis:

• Internal pressure in the corpora cavernosa (erect): up to 200 mm/Hg (higher than the blood pressure!)

• Longest medically registered erection of 34.3 inches

• The number of erections in your sleep: up to six

• Duration of night-time erections: 20 to 50 minutes

• The maximum total duration of night-time erection up to four hours

• Number of men in the world who have a penis length of more than 30 inches in the erect state, with an estimated 5000.

Penis sizes in Europe


Average penis lengths of the Europeans

  • Green: 12 to 12,9 inches
  • Yellow: 13 to 13.9 inches
  • Orange: 14 to 14.9 inches
  • Red: greater than 15 inches


Truth 100 Percent. Anthroposophical studies of the last 100 years have clearly shown that the average penis size in the far East, for example, in Korea, Japan and China, is lower than in Western Europe or North America. They also showed that African men have on average a larger Penis than East Asians and Western Europeans. But of course there are white men that have larger penises than many Africans; similarly, there are many Africans whose penises are smaller than some East Asians. A study by the world health organization (WHO) of 1998 confirmed the accuracy of the anthropological results. In the case of the WHO study, the penises were divided into four categories:

1. Category: penises in an erect state ten to 12.5 centimeters, to measure,

• zero percent of the African • three percent of the White • 27 percent of Asians

2. Category: penises in an erect state to a 12.6 to 15 centimeters, to measure,

• 15 percent of the Africans • 27% White • 51% of Asians

3. Category: penises in an erect state, of 15.1 to 17.5 centimeters, to measure,

• 59 percent of Africans • 53% White • 17 percent of Asians

4. Category: penises in an erect state, 17.6 to 20 centimeters, to measure,

• 21 percent of Africans • 15 percent of White • two percent of Asians

Conclusion: There are ethnic differences in penis length!

Likewise, the WHO study was able to demonstrate that the length of the penis also varies within an ethnic group extremely. Almost as strong as between the races.