Poverty testimony of the state: doctors President accuses Federal government failure

The chief of the world medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, has requested that citizens in Germany, with medical protective masks of type FFP2 equip. Montgomery accused on Monday in Germany radio, the Federal government’s failure, because they have not managed to obtain such masks early on to a sufficient extent. The FFP2 masks, however, the solution had to deliver the policy now. “If law, then please correct, but not in a way that failure of the government do not conceal that they are in a position today to provide us with enough masks,” said Montgomery.

Corona prevention in EBM-Papst

As a medium-sized company from Mulfingen, for example, in the Corona control

Skeptical Montgomery said of appeal to the wise, the mouth-nose protection, as he is since that Monday, almost all Federal States while shopping, and public transport required. A scarf or cloth do not consider viruses, argued the doctors President. Rather, it could accumulate these in case of improper application even.

“Indictment of a state”

The policy for three months, that the Coronavirus grassiere and have not managed FFP2-masks to produce in Germany or import it. “For me, it goes to the legal mask of duty, for a non-functioning mask. We had all the funktionierenede masks, then I think it would be to commit even reasonable for us to wear them always, when we move out there. But there is a legal obligation for non-functioning masks, I think, is an indictment of a state.”

The Federation and the Länder insist, protective masks of type FFP2 or FFP2 medical staff to reserve. The recommendation for simple protection products such as makeshift masks made of cotton is based on the fact that this is not a safe protection for the wearer, but the risk of infection for other people can reduce, when a carrier of the virus used such a mouth-nose protection. Wear it therefore, all or almost all the people, when shopping or in public TRANSPORT, decreases consequently, the risk of infection significantly.

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