Pregnancy: Protects greasy food before Alzheimer’s?

Normally, a diet high in animal fat are discouraged. Researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at the Temple University have shown for the first time in mice, that a high-fat diet of mothers during pregnancy their offspring against Alzheimer’s protects typical changes in the brain.

Offspring of mice with a tendency to Alzheimer’s disease showed memory and learning ability tests to be better, if the mothers had received during pregnancy high-fat food. This the researcher attributed to improvements in synaptic function. Synapses are Connections between nerve cells, the information is more – an important process in Learning and memory formation.

In addition, Amyloid in the nerve cells accumulated, in comparison to offspring of mothers who had received a Standard diet, less Beta. It is a protein that leads to Alzheimer’s disease a malfunction of the nerve cells and finally to significant disturbances of memory and Learning. The scientists reported that the high-fat diet for three genes that are involved in the development of Alzheimer’s, already in the early stages of development of the offspring were effectively turned off.

Since it was a study with mice, from the results of direct recommendations for pregnant women can be derived. However, study author Dr. Domenico Praticò: &quot believes;Our work shows that the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease needs to begin very early in life, in order to be effective, and during pregnancy. The diet in this stage of life can have important, but under-appreciated long-term impact on the health of the brain."