Raw meat for dogs is often a danger for humans and animals

If dogs are fed with raw meat, may pose risks for animal and owner. Researchers at the University of Zurich have found 51 feed samples in two cases (3.9%), the intestinal bacteria Salmonella and 62.7 percent against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The report in the scientific journal “Royal Society Open Science”. 31 of the samples contained meat from Switzerland, 20 from Germany. Including among other things beef, chicken, horse, lamb, and Turkey were.

Among pet owners Barfen is “” in the Trend. The term stands for “biologically appropriate Rohfütterung”. Many of them say, raw meat and vegetables is a more natural food for animals. “Such raw feed medium can be for animals and humans is problematic, because they can contain bacteria,” said lead author Magdalena Nüesch-Inderbinen of the Vetsuisse-faculty (veterinary medicine), the German press Agency.

Salmonella-a risk to humans threatens

Salmonella-positive samples can lead according to their data, to a Transmission of the pathogens on the animal. It is possible that a Salmonella-positive dog is showing no symptoms, the pathogen but in his environment spread. The Same applies to the spread of multi-resistant bacteria.

Bacteria could be transferred for example in the preparation of the feed, if the dog is explained to a man licking or via feces, as Nuesch-Inderbinen. The cooking of the meat can kill the bacteria in the freezer, you survived, however. If dog owners have actually resistant germs that were transmitted from the dog, will be studied in Zurich, is now in a follow-up study.

That antibiotic-resistant bacteria transmitted from dog to human, although possible, said Josef Kamphues, Director of the Institute for animal nutrition at the Veterinary University of Hannover. “But that food samples contain Salmonella, is significant, especially in the environment of children.” Here is the result in the study, Zurich was surprisingly low. Researchers from Utrecht submitted to 2018, a study with a sample of 35 of the raw feed means, when you are found in 20 percent of the Salmonella.

The Barfen the food bowl can be a danger for small children

The problem is, if raw materials would come into contact with objects and facilities of the kitchen or in the apartment in the bowl will be offered and in the vicinity of small children play, said Kamphues. In humans, Salmonella can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting.

“Dog owners should inform themselves of, before you start with a raw feed gift,” said Nuesch-Inderbinen. After the animal contact or dealing with such a feed, for example, hands is wash important. “If I had a dog, I would not with roughage to feed,” said the microbiologist.

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