Six against loneliness

The UK has since Wednesday, a Minister, to deal with the issue of loneliness. Politicians of the CDU and the SPD are calling for, to create in the German Ministry of health, a position, which takes on the theme.

In fact, loneliness can be to a large psychological stress and physical health at risk.

In 2016, researchers have evaluated the data of well over 16,000 people from 17 years from the German Socio-economic Panel in Germany. Lonely, especially people in the 30 and the 60 feel. A significantly lower role the theme plays at the age of about 40. With approximately 75 of the loneliness problem is according to the study, at least – but then again.

The younger and more mobile, the Affected are, the more varied the ways to combat the feeling of loneliness. But even older people can do something. Six suggestions that can help to combat loneliness:

1. Strangers appeal

“Every human contact is helpful, even if it is superficial”, says Manfred pouch by the University hospital of Mainz, one of the researchers for many years to loneliness. But other people, is often easier said than done.

The easiest way to find it, if you observed previously exactly what is happening around you. What is the man doing next to me just how he reacts to his environment? They discovered similarities in such moments, you can make it the topic of conversation. One finds for example in the supermarket, next to a man just as desperate for a beautiful head of Lettuce, there can develop a nice talk. Also, the delayed train, or – the classic – the weather is suitable as a topic for a brief chat.

Particularly positive for the mind, it can be other to offer help – for example, if someone is lost on the street corner and, apparently, the way don’t know rätselnd before the timetable is set or with the stroller in front of the stairs. “Can I help you?” In this way, one comes into a conversation, receives appreciation, and has done something Good.

From such brief encounters deep friendships do not arise immediately, of course. But they are a beginning on the way out of the loneliness.

2. Not to be picky

He who seeks connection, you should not expect too much. Bag reported, for example, of people whose spouse died, and then start a course at the Volkshochschule, or with the neighbors to befriend. “This is not a substitute for the relationship with the Partner, sells but the feeling of Isolation.” Who suffers acutely from loneliness, should not be at the election of the company, not too fussy, advises bag.

3. Explore what makes you lonely

Being alone and loneliness are not the same. Just as there are people who are alone, without feeling lonely, there are others who feel in the midst of family and friends alone. Sufferers may feel misunderstood, unappreciated or think that they played up other only a role. Or the couple’s relationship is frozen in a Routine, in only about Organizational matters will be discussed.

This loneliness is only to escape by their own initiative: The feeling to Express, the Partner to go back to really to do something together or in doubt, consult professional help from a therapist search.

BBC-documentary: The loneliness experiment

4. To take care of yourself

In order to combat loneliness, it can also help to deal first of all with yourself. Sometimes your own insecurity is behind the feeling. A negative attitude can make it difficult to socialize. It is important, therefore, to be his lovable sides aware of.

Can help to take good care of yourself. It is often the little things, the good in everyday life: In the apartment, a bouquet of flowers set up, although no visit has been announced. Something Delicious to cook for themselves and food to celebrate. The favorite music turn on, take a stroll. The list goes on and on.

5. Virtual contact is better than none

Also, people with a three-digit number of Facebook”friends” can be deeply lonely. “Facebook and other social networks do not pretend a closeness that does not exist. You think you’re close, but it is only virtual. Deep ties to build, it is not enough,” says the psychiatrist Gregor Hasler of the University of Bern.

Nevertheless, virtual contacts have a value. For example, if you live far away, parents communicate great with their grandchildren via WhatsApp or E-Mails, instead of not at all to their life. Or if people with anxiety disorder online build up contacts, which would not have been possible offline.

It also can develop from online contacts, with time, friendships that take place beyond the screen.

6. A pleasant pastime to search

Shared commitment. If time allows, can help a volunteer against loneliness. Also Pets like dogs are easier it is often to come up with other conversation, just like a team sport, stammtisch visits or group travel. On Facebook there are groups for people who are newly moved into a city. It can also help a “Running Dinner”, a series of events in different cities. In the process, to cook a corridor for Alien and for two more gears to cook for.

However, not everyone can afford such Hobbies. For example, what if the money is not so scarce that you go with friends to a movie night or out to a Restaurant? Poverty contributes to people. A dog is also a recommendation that may not implement to everyone. Nevertheless, there are opportunities.

Animal shelters offers, for example, usually, when people go on a regular basis with the resident dogs. With the “dog time” are collected on three levels of contact: the animal shelter staff with the animals and with other people who are also with a dog or dogs like and start a conversation.

Many of the Church communities, or working to provide welfare (Awo) events, for example, Seniors get-togethers and excursions. Even if that doesn’t sound like your dream idea of leisure to give it a Chance, will certainly not damage. And maybe there are in the vicinity of a surprising offer, such as the “men’s shed” in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, where men of over 60 years, sick, together, DIY, and Healthy and dementia.