Six questions to ask the urologist, the men are embarrassed

The desire for Sex has gone away, the erection weakens or testicular pain when playing sports? Health can be a sensitive issue and many of the complaints men have to wait long until you ask a doctor for advice. Private lecturer Dr. Tobias Jäger, here are answers to six common questions that men ask the doctor:

“My foreskin does not pull back.”

That sounds like a constriction of the Foreskin, phimosis. It is the result of either congenital or in the course of life, often due to inflammation. “By inflammations scars form on the foreskin, which will shorten the tissue”, says private lecturer Dr. Tobias Jäger. He is a urologist and andrologist, and the Executive Board of the German society for men and health. If a occurs constriction of the Foreskin suddenly, you should definitely go to the doctor, because this can also be a sign of Diabetes. In all other cases, a visit to the doctor is useful. “Often a narrowing with a cortisone-ointment treat”, says the expert. This is not enough, one should think about a circumcision. (More on the subject of circumcision, you can read here.)

“In Sport, my testicles pain.”

This is not so rare – the cause is but usually in a different place. “With such complaints, you should have his back to investigate,” advises hunter. Often pain radiates into the genital area, which were not really of the lumbar spine. You increase not rare in movement. It is important to make such complaints medical advice to ensure that the spine is really the cause. If, in fact, problems with the spine cause the pain, it is also useful, with a doctor present, before it is due to stress or blockage to damage in this area.

“My erection won’t stop.”

“You should go to the doctor – and fast,” advises hunter. Doctors speak of a priapism, when the Penis remains longer than two hours stiff. This is also known as priapism. The Problem here is that The blood pumped to the body for the erection in the Penis, no longer flows. “This can lead to serious damage,” says the andrologist. “A permanent erection must be within the first six hours to be treated.” In the worst case, otherwise the death of the tissue and can lead to erectile dysfunction. A doctor will examine the Penis, a blood draw, and medication. “If that’s not enough, it is pumped out the blood with a syringe,” says the expert. Incidentally, An erection can develop in any man: “In about 60 percent of cases, no cause can be determined.”

“I have difficulties to get an erection.”

So you are not alone: Many men suffer from and erectile dysfunction. “Common reasons are Stress, Obesity and lack of exercise,” says the urologist. Also, metabolic diseases such as Diabetes or cardiovascular diseases can cause the erection, is weakening ability. Therefore, it is useful to have such difficulties medical advice.

“In many cases, more movement helps,” says hunter. Of a fault, Doctors speak, by the way, if it is within three months of every second sexual intercourse, problems with erection. If more Sport is not enough, there are also tools like penis pumps or drugs with the active ingredient Sildenafil. Important: Such drugs should prescribe a doctor. Who ordered them over the Internet on the black market, has no security at the question of which active ingredient is included in it actually. Also, the dosage does not vary in the case of such products, often considerably, in addition, additional active ingredients are rare sets that are not declared. This can be dangerous.

“My wife is just pregnant.”

In the case of this topic, is: don’t go crazy. For some couples, it takes, until a pregnancy develops. “Only 70 percent of the couples in the first year to get pregnant,” says the expert. This time you should give yourself – and in the ideal case, not so much to think about, whether it could have worked. A Few has tried, however, for a year, in vain, to conceive a child, further investigations in the case of a man and a woman. In the case of men, for example, the sperm and the testes should be examined. If the cause lies with the man, in many cases, treat. “Due to the limited fertility of a hormonal medication can help to increase the number of sperm,” says hunter. If damage to the testicles are the cause, it is often possible to remove sperm and artificial insemination.

“I have no desire to have Sex.”

With the years of sex to drive often. Is controlled by the hormone testosterone and its production decreases around the age of 40. Years of age. Thus also the desire decreases. It is helpful in such cases to a doctor for a blood test to determine testosterone levels. He will also exclude other diseases, which could be a cause for the pain. A testosterone deficiency is actually, this can be a good treat, for example, ointments or injections.

This article was Berentzen written by Maria