So you can detect a bed of nails-ignition – and so they will treat you right

The tissue under the Finger or toe nails is called the nail bed. This ignites, the talk is of a nail bed inflammation. Germs such as bacteria or fungi can cause a nasty skin reaction by penetrating through small wounds in the skin. Often is not affected in the case of a nail bed inflammation only in the nail bed, but also the surrounding Nail area with the nail fold, nail wall and cuticle. Learn here how you can detect a nail bed inflammation and properly treat.

Causes of nail bed inflammation

Most injuries to the nail arise skin the wrong nail care, dry, cracked hands or feet, and cut wounds. But also frequent contact with water or aggressive chemicals may cause painful inflammation of the nail bed. Sometimes the smallest of incisions comply with, for example, by a Splitter, in order to pave the germs away. Ingrown nails, nail biting, or crushing damage to the delicate skin around the nails. Nail bed inflammation on the feet are frequently on pressure on the toes due. To tight shoes, you be avoided. To pathogens, the typical disease of the inflammation of the bacteria, such as staphylococci and streptococci, and yeast-like fungi and herpes viruses include.

So you can detect a nail bed inflammation

If the nail bed is acutely inflamed, reddens the diseased tissue swells and causes pain. The affected skin feel also hot and make a knocking pain, which is triggered by the pulse of the small blood vessels. It is an infection with bacteria, forms on the lateral edges and under the nail plate even pus. This can react to pressure and, under certain circumstances, on the side of the inflamed point of leakage. Possible side effects can be fever and swollen lymph nodes.

What ointment helps in the case of a nail bed inflammation?

In the pharmacy or on the net, you will get different remedies. Disinfecting solutions or ointments, Iodine or other antibacterial substances, can quickly help, in particular, if bacteria are the cause of the infection.

Herbal Zugsalbe

Zugsalben are very well suited for the treatment of the inflamed Finger or toe nail. Such ointment the inflammation pull to the surface of the skin allowing the abscess to ripen faster. This sounds paradoxical at first glance, but the skin becomes softer, the painful pressure and allow the pus to drain in a natural way. The Zugsalbe “ilon classic” helps against skin inflammation and small abscesses, and thanks to the vegetable active ingredients, especially gentle to the skin.

Ointment with iodine

The Zugsalbe “Betaisodona” contains the active ingredient is iodine, the for germ reduction, disinfection, and support of wound healing of a nail bed inflammation is. Iodine agents also effective against a variety of disease such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Not only the finger nails are affected by a nail bed inflammation, but also the toe nails

Which home remedy helps when a nail bed inflammation?

A the beginning of the end of the nail bed inflammation can be reduced by a soothing foot baths. Anti-inflammatory herbal supplements such as chamomile can calm the skin, and the inflammation to subside. Bathe the affected fingers or toes twice a day for about 20 minutes in a chamomile bath.

Can be a nail bed inflammation dangerous?

Often help for a beginning of inflammation of the ends of simple measures such as bathrooms, disinfecting solutions, and ointments. You should have, for the first Time a nail bed inflammation, you can also in the pharmacy for advice.

If the inflammation does not return after the first treatment, the redness is spreading, swelling or Overheating occurs, the pain will be stronger or if weeping or pus-filled will be added, then you should consult a doctor. Contact can be initially the in-house doctor who will discuss with you further steps.

Longer lasting, does not or not sufficiently treated, the nail can lead to inflammation of the bed, namely the fact that the nail is deformed or fall off. In the worst case, the surrounding tissue, Tendons and tendon could get a divorce and, finally, the bones are collected, and it would develop a painful inflammation of the Bone. Do not try to open a suppurative focus, otherwise, bacteria could be characterized in the deeper layers of tissue taken.

Prevent with proper nail care

Unpleasant nail bed infections can be prevented, if you pay attention to the nail care on the following things.

Note: This article contains General information and cannot replace a visit to the doctor.

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