Stiftung Warentest warns of Vitamin-D – pills-why they are different for every sense

Recently, there are Vitamin D even in the shape of a bottle: A well-known juice manufacturer, mixed with his orange juice and, recently, small amounts of the “sunshine vitamin”. But why the “sunshine vitamin”? This nickname of Vitamin D is due to the fact that it forms the body by using sunlight in the skin. From April to September, the production works in our latitudes mostly good. Only in the autumn and winter time it falters. For this “bad” time the body makes and stores Vitamin D. In the Winter he can draw from this stock. How long the reserves will last is different for everyone. Active people who spend a lot of time Outdoors, usually start with better reserves in the Winter as a couch potato.

Vitamin D is experiencing a real Hype. The fortified orange juice is one of the most recent examples of the hype that is currently operated by the Vitamin. No wonder, because the list of alleged health promise is. You Believe various Reports about Vitamin D, it is Suffering not only cancer, but also cardiovascular disease, depression and Diabetes can be prevented. But is it really? Vitamin D is actually a health all-rounder?

A Sobering Conclusion

This question Stiftung Warentest in the current issue – and draws a sobering conclusion: “The intake of Vitamin D preparations can prevent Suffering, according to current knowledge, neither cancer nor Diabetes or cardiovascular disease.” New, only notes that a could extra protect portions of Vitamin D may prevent colds and asthma attacks. The probability of the test were classified as “very low”.

“Healthy, active adults to bring Vitamin D pills, nothing,” were writes test. More still: An Overdose of Vitamin D can even cause damage. Who take daily large amounts of Vitamin D, the risk of poisoning to kidney failure. Problematic doses of 100 micrograms, equivalent to 4000 IU (International units). A single pill of Vitamin D usually contains about 1000 I. E.. on The Internet there are, however, significantly higher-dosage preparations.

Vitamin D does not take on your own

The Council of experts is therefore clear: “The intake of Vitamin D should always be with the house doctor.” A blood test indicates whether there is indeed a defect then it should be supported with supplements. Certain at-risk groups – such as infants or the elderly – are more prone to a deficiency. But even in these groups of people, the Vitamin D should be discussed dispenser with a doctor.

Vitamin D is also in certain foods, even if only in small amounts. Good suppliers about egg yolks, Margarine, and fat are in fish such as salmon and mackerel. About 10 to 20 percent of the Vitamin D needs of the food cover.

Here, Stiftung Warentest has compiled important questions and answers on the topic of Vitamin D. Including: Prevents Vitamin D cancer? Can restore the skin with sunscreen Vitamin D?