Study of near-death experiences: The death does not feel so bad

How does it feel at the Moment of death? This is a question people have always been. Although no one from the dead is still returned, but there are now many patients who at least stood just before the threshold of death. Are meant for persons with suture or experience. From your stories is usually that the Die is perceived as not so bad as you might think.

A new study by the Western University in Canada, and the University of liège, Belgium, has now confirmed that the death is usually associated with feelings of euphoria and bliss. For the study, the descriptions of 158 individuals were analysed with near-death experiences. It is unique in that The experiences were analyzed with the help of Text Mining and Artificial intelligence. Quite intentionally, the respondents were not associated with a scientist in contact. So if you want to avoid in the sensitive environment that the researchers took to influence the surveys.

Evaluation without influencing

“There is no distortion in Text Mining, in contrast to the behavioral study, when individuals are asked specific questions,” says the study’s leader, Andrea Soddu. “Text Mining is a completely open mind. It is fully automatic, and we as researchers make no assumptions”. Came out that the Survivors have hardly any negative memories. The majority of occupied words like “easy” (67 percent) and “good” (65 percent) appeared to be positive, while “fear” only 24 percent of respondents, and “tot” of 18 percent of the respondents were called.

The new study builds on the Work of Dr. Sam Parnia. He is the Director of the Department for intensive care and resuscitation research at the Langone School of Medicine in New York City. He has seen thousands of patients in such a Situation. He examines, what with the human brain, what happens to the consciousness at the Moment of death. Traditionally, the philosophy or the Religion ask such questions, but today science could answer you, says Parnia. Because only in the last few years, the medicine would have the possibility of people dying back to back.

Death is a process, so Parnia, it is not an abrupt process. “If we’re medically dead, start the cells in our body only with your own process of dying.” For Doctors like him, this means there is a window of time to people to bring back.

Heart surgeon

"It is very difficult to tell parents that their child is there. It is the worst thing I have to do."

Dying as a process

Even patients who had prior to the near-death experience from severe pain, would go through in the process of dying a happy Phase, he said on US TV. “You describe the feeling, to experience their deceased loved ones, as if they had come to welcome them. They often say that they did not want to come back in many cases. The experience is so enjoyable and it is like a Magnet that attracts you.” Religious people interpret the experience with the Patterns of their faith. The experience itself, but by the Faith regardless. A sheltered child would have described the light simply as a lamp, says Parnia, and a simple lamp painted. It had been connected by a cord with this lamp.

Dr. Parnia also noted that the Experience of euphoric moments of happiness, with visual symptoms, no evidence of life after death in a kind of light-Paradise more. He suppose that these experiences were a kind of survival technique that the brain’s memories for the last Time scan.

Sources: Plos, OZ Talk

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“It is very difficult to tell parents that their child is there. It is the worst thing I have to do.”

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