Surprising twist: coma-Patient, Lambert must continue to be fed

A French appeals court has ordered the resumption of life support measures of France’s most famous coma-patient Vincent Lambert. The nutrition and hydration must initially be maintained, ruled the court of appeal in Paris late on Monday night, according to the lawyer of the family, and, according to media reports. Now the UN has to decide-the Committee on the case.

Doctors at the University hospital in Reims had stopped the treatment of Vincent Lambert on Monday morning – a year-long legal dispute was preceded. The parents of the 42-Year-old wanted to prevent the death of your son with all the Power and went against the decision.

Lambert is in a vegetative state

Lambert was killed in an accident about ten years ago in a traffic accident and was injured severely on the head. He is now in a vegetative state. The family had sued in France by all instances, in order to prevent the death of your son.

They failed again and again, and also before the European court of human rights (ECtHR), the meadow in the afternoon a re-request of the parents. The court had found that no new evidence was submitted.

The family of the former nurse is deeply divided. His parents and his siblings are not against the setting of care, Lambert’s wife wants to leave him “in Would go.” Her husband had desired that his life will be artificially extended, she said a few years ago. A patient of Lambert however, there are not.

Lambert would die after the cessation of life support measures within a few days. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, had declared the afternoon to be in the decision of the judiciary to interfere. “All the medical reports have revealed that his condition is irreversible,” he wrote on Facebook. “The decision to discontinue treatment was taken after a constant dialogue between his Doctors and his wife, who is his legal guardian.”

The parents of Lambert were supported by many representatives of the Catholic Church. “This is a big victory for the Right,” said the lawyer for the parents, Jean Paillot, to the decision of the court of appeal. The nephew of Lambert’s voice, according to the French news Agency AFP of “sadism in the pure state”.

The UN Committee on the protection of the rights of people with disabilities, now have to decide, had recently called for further investigations and a continuation of the treatment. The lawyers of Lambert’s parents argued that France was in breach of international Law, if the decision of the panel will not wait.

“Patients in a persistent vegetative state are not Dying”

In Germany, the German Foundation for patient protection, according to around 10,000 people with the so-called apallischen syndrome, which is caused by the most severe brain damage. “These patients in a persistent vegetative state are not Dying,” explained management Board Eugen Brysch.

That is why living wills are so important. “The case of Lambert shows that the worst ratio of all Involved shattered if the year-long disputes,” said Brysch. In Germany, neither spouse nor relatives are likely to automatically decide about a treatment limitation. “Alone, the power of attorney allows you to have a say.”

In Germany and France, the active euthanasia, so a human is forbidden a deadly acting agent to administer. Passive euthanasia, by the shutting down of apparatus and indirect euthanasia, when the strong drugs to alleviate pain and as a side effect, the Die speed, are permitted.

The Pope called on Monday, the “life, the gift of God to preserve from the beginning to the natural end”. He wrote on Twitter, without mentioning the case of Lambert direct: “we Give the disposable culture, no room.” He pray for people living with severe disability.