The best lists of cancer therapy

A certificate of the German cancer society (DKG) guarantees that the surgeon exactly with the respective cancer type to learn, and often successfully operate. There are all the necessary departments. Weekly tumor conferences are held, in which cancer specialists for each Organ, surgeons, radiation therapists, radiologists and pathologists, together with the optimal individual treatment plan create. The star has, in cooperation with the DCT with an Overview of the certified centres and the important challenges in different tumor types created. The Figures give the state the middle of January 2019 and are subject to change weekly, as new centers are added, while other clinics will lose their certification.

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Not for any type of cancer-you will find it. Sometimes helps the quality seal of the German society for General and visceral surgery (DGAV), for the similar stringent criteria apply.

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Who is a the centre of addiction, in addition to high quality therapy is also a lot of research – for example, because he clinical studies to attend to – most of the 13 of the German cancer aid excellent Oncological centres of excellence (Comprehensive Cancer Center, of which there are 14 in Germany.

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Worth mentioning is also the certificate of the German society for Hematology and Oncology DGHO, the current 42 clinics. It refers to a Expertise of the clinics in the medical system of therapy (such as Chemo-, Immune -, or hormone therapy). A helpful the quality can be note seal, especially for patients with leukemia, or cancer of the lymph nodes, but also for patients in the late stages of a tumor disease in need of palliative therapy. The award criteria are, however, very transparent. So, for example, unclear, why a lot of institutions are listed that offer bone marrow transplants (the Ultima-ratio therapy in leukemia). In contrast, clinics that this therapy option routinely perform – such as the Berlin Charité are missing in the list.

Caution Patients Case! Not every clinic, “center for …” is called (so, for example, the “center for colon cancer”), one of the above-mentioned certificates. On the market even rogue providers who may have little Expertise in the given specialty cavort.

Breast cancer

280 certified centers. Chemo – or radiation therapy? Before, during or after the OP? Each case requires an individual therapy concept. Only large teams of experts due to look here. To the centers more often, breast surgery, holding patients to live longer.

Colorectal cancer

291 certified centers. Only there it is guaranteed that the latest surgical procedures. You can increase the survival rates of patients up to Twice as much.

Ovarian cancer

145 certified centers. Ovarian cancer is usually discovered late. The chances of Survival of the patients depends on how experienced and good the surgeon is. These “gynecological cancer centers” are at the same time certified for tumors in uterus, Vulva and Vagina.

Skin cancer

63 certified centers. Immune therapies can improve the chances of Survival in black skin cancer. They come according to the German cancer society, rarely used. Instead, it is given without an exact indication exam is still a side effect of chemotherapy, which would only be in the case of far-advanced disease sometimes useful.


58 certified centers. Cancer in the neck and facial area can disfigure people. Therefore, work at the centers therapists, maxillo-facial surgeons, ear, nose and throat doctors and plastic surgeons rays closely.

Liver cancer

21 certified centers. Complicated liver operations – for example, in the Presence of multiple liver metastases were made earlier because of complications rare. Today, certain types of cancer can be cured diseases even in advanced stages. Essential: Experienced liver surgeons and the are rar.

Stomach cancer

38 certified centers. The risk of metastases of stomach cancer decreases with the number of removed lymph nodes. In the guidelines are required as a Minimum 15. Of certified centers, the Safety bar is placed higher, where surgeons remove up to 30 lymph nodes in order to minimize the dispersion of risk. In hospitals and clinics, which no one controls, it can be quite time much less than 15 lymph nodes – so much too little. Result: The metastases, increases the risk of.

Lung cancer

66 certified centers. Lung cancer has long been regarded as a death sentence. However, some tumors respond very well to the new system therapies. In combination with good surgery even healing is then possible.

Brain and spinal cord tumors

39 certified centers. The brain and spinal cord operations can result in loss of Function, such as disorders or paralysis of the language. Brain surgeons need a great deal of experience in exactly the same Region where they operate. Important imaging techniques in the operating room. Some, not all certified centers have the opportunity, during the SURGERY to perform an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Often radiation or chemotherapy are good Alternatives.

Pancreatic cancer

115 certified centers. The chances of a cure are often bad, because the most common forms of pancreatic cancer will be discovered late and early in the body sprinkle. Goal of therapy is to maintain the quality of life for as long as possible. Experienced surgeons play a key role here, because the interventions are among the most complicated surgery at all.

Prostate cancer

123 certified centers. Prostate cancer is a “pet” among the types of cancer, as in contrast to the “Predator-types of cancer” it is growing slowly. Operations have frequently impotence and erectile dysfunction, therefore, there are many therapy alternatives: Wait and Monitor, radiation therapy, hormone therapy. Men who are diagnosed only at a later age, can be with your cancer, despite minimal therapy is not rarely old and die eventually of other diseases. In the case of early cancer forms, no survival benefit is shown even after almost 20 years by the OP.

Peritoneum cancer

10 certified centers (DGAV). Peritoneal cancer was until recently regarded as incurable. In highly specialized centers, but patients with experimental surgery and local chemotherapy. They survive according to early studies, significantly more likely, even cure is possible.


5 certified centers (DGAV). Esophageal operations require a lot of experience, the complication rate is especially high, if you are in the top third. Often Doctors decide on the tumor conferences for Options: radiation or chemotherapy.