The business with the insomnia

Valerian for ten euros or the special ceiling for 200 Euro? If you’re looking for sleeping problems in the Internet, gets the impression that a restful night is one thing above all: expensive. Around the topic of sleep has established itself an industry that covers almost all the aspects. Programs surveyed the night’s sleep, a dietary Supplement to help Sleep, physical AIDS, improve sleep quality.

Sleep than a commercial activity, see also Hans-Günter Blind way: “is also easy, because there are no sufficient health services for people with sleep disorders,” says the member of the management Board of the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM).

Add to this that the night’s rest, enjoy a greater importance than in the past – also because of the research. “We can take up a good sleep is important for repair and regeneration program of the people,” says Blind, the head of the interdisciplinary sleep center at the Palatine hospital in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Valerian, high-dose

According to the Robert Koch Institute, six percent of the people in Germany are suffering just below and sleep disorders. Anyone who has sleeping problems, takes pills often. 228 million euros will be implemented according to the Federal Association of pharmaceutical manufacturers per year, with a bedroom and a sedative – and the trend is rising. The preparations are in the Top 10 of the biggest-selling over-the-counter agent.

The Problem: many of the herbal supplements lack of studies, the efficacy evidence. “If something helps, then in the case of mild sleep disorders metered of the likely to still Valerian high,” says Blind. If A and sleep disorders occur due to a jet lag, also seems to be over-the-counter Melatonin to bring something – but only then.

Prescription sleeping pills may seem rather, but they also involve greater risks. “Primary sleeping pill, called benzodiazepines, and Z-substances that can lead to habituation and dependency,” warns Blind. I would add that the drugs to fix psychological problems sleep problems only the symptoms, but the cause.

Sleep Courses: First Choice

There are also physical sleep AIDS like heavy Cover, the a sense of well-being to. The effect of such aid is not occupied, nevertheless, you can bring something. “Everything leads to the mental, emotional and physical relaxation in the bed situation, it can help,” says Blind.

Fitness bracelets on the other hand, the sleep measure, a rating of the physician is critical. It was counter-productive to self-monitoring is reinforced, he says: “tension is the enemy of sleep.” In addition, most sleep-based tracker, on motion and pulse measurements, depending on the time of day. “These are from my point of view, stone age, methods of sleep research.”

When Concerned in your sleep want to invest, are sleep courses according to the Blind is the first choice. “Even as the market is increasing. It is important to turn to people who have the psycho-therapeutic and medical sleep skill.” In the case of the courses to make the patient “for your sleeping pill”, for example, relaxation training, thought stopping techniques, and bed time restrictions.

In two days intensive course could help two-thirds of the participants to a significantly better night’s sleep, is estimated Blind. 200 Euro have to pay, participants often.

Medicine recommends behavioral therapy

Also who goes with his sleep problems to the doctor, gets in the best case, no tablets prescribed, but a cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches. This is the medical guidelines according to best cure for A and sleep disorders – provided that the problems are not due to physical causes, such as respiratory problems explain.

In General, it is sufficient for several months of weekly meetings. At the meetings, the persons Concerned will not only get to Know the sleep will be taught. The aim is also to explore the individual causes of sleep problems. The effects of behavior therapy, according to studies with those of sleep means comparable, with one big difference: they hold for the long term.